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best Liquor Store POS system
Industry Insight by FTx Global

Your guide to choosing the best Liquor Store POS system in 2021!

To sell liquor is like managing and selling artwork. A gallery needs to be cautious about external factors that could harm an art piece. Similarly, a liquor store owner needs to consider multiple factors that could harm inventory. We will discuss about how an owner can choose one of the best POS system for liquor store.

Why must an owner choose a professional liquor store POS system for liquor store?

For liquor store owners, the daily transaction limits have been estimated to grow cent percent. What comes as no surprise is why owners are rushing towards a more automated reporting and sending systems for their businesses in 2021.

Here are four reasons why owners must choose a POS system for their liquor stores.

  • Manage complex liquor inventory data, and record daily and weekly transactions of the business.
  • Generate system discounts, loyalty discounts, dollar-based discounts or multiple currency discounts through your liquor store POS system.
  • Grow exponentially, optimally utilize resources, and maximize profits.
  • Centralize operations, sales, and accounts by bringing them under one POS system.

POS Store

Which are the important factors to consider to buy the best Liquor POS software for the store?

Owning a liquor store requires multiple licenses, safety manuals, inventory, and data management. For starting a liquor store, almost sixty licenses need to be procured.

One can only imagine how much legwork goes at the front-end of this show. A liquor store POS software helps manage suppliers, supplies, inventory, sales, revenue, discounts and customer service.

Buying the best system will accelerate the decision-making process of the business. When buying the best POS system for your liquor store, you need to consider following pointers.

  • A liquor store POS system must have a real-time recording, reporting, tracking and scanning of information.
  • The system must be able to shrink the costs related to business, inventory management, printing and overheads.
  • It should be able to record and analyze sale
  • s performances, margins, profits, losses, and keep a record of purchase patterns of buyers.
  • It should be easy-to-use and customizable at any time. For e.g., it should allow to change panel buttons, create offer campaigns, suggest additional items to buyers, etc.
  • It must support any operating device that you wish to keep at your store.
  • This liquor store POS system must be able to accept any and every transaction for a purchase. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and other payment gateways.
  • A professional liquor store POS system must be able to maintain accounts, calculate payrolls, act as a staff roster, and provide 24/7 customer support.

It should contain basic features of age verification, and automate weekly reports for the business to be on the same page with the rules and regulations of a state.

Why choose FTx liquor store POS systems for your business?

FTx liquor store POS system is a cloud-based system designed to help curb business problems faced by owners. It offers a holistic solution for a liquor business looking to manage multiple facets of the store.

It is essential to opt for a FTx POS software as it helps in carrying out the following tasks:

  • Reduce the checkout time, which helps enhance customer experience.
  • Generate invoices with a detailed bifurcation of prices, taxes or other applicable deductions.
  • Add items to the inventory through customized button and panel applications.
  • Manage retail store discounts, curate discount campaigns, offer multiple packages at discounted prices, and more.
  • Create  loyal customer base by offering reward programs, and dollar-based/multiple currency concessions.
  • Attract large audience through a suite of add-on business solutions that accelerate marketing, sales and customer retention.

We are all ears for a quick chat over a virtual cup of coffee! If you’ve concerns related to POS systems or are considering to change/turn to a new POS system for your liquor store, talk to us!

You can drop in a message or fill out the form on our contact us page. We will definitely get back to you within 3-business days.


A POS system for a liquor store is essential. It not only keeps track of sales but also helps an owner grow the business multi-fold. A typical liquor store POS system includes a monitor, automated cash drawer, 2-D receipt printer, customer facing display, 2D barcode scanner and a Debit/Credit card reader.
A liquor retailer needs a POS system because it eases out the checkout, inventory management, customer database, and other processes of the business. It expands the payment capabilities, gives detailed and accurate reports, and increases efficiency for the store management.
The liquor stores are profitable due to the large profit margins. It gives room for owners to spread the inventory and branch out to different varieties of alcohol. If you choose a cloud-based POS system for your liquor store, it acts as a cost-effective dynamite to accelerate the success of your business.
While the rules and regulations of every state in every country are different for setting up a liquor store. The owner must get in touch with an agency that can guide them towards legalities and procuring licenses.