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vape store pos systems the newage retail marketing techniques
Cigar & Vape Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

Vape Store POS Systems & the New-Age Retail Marketing Techniques

This isn’t the usual sales-pitch sort of conversation that we’d like to start. We actually want to discuss how having technology can expediate your business. You may have heard of Point-of-Sale systems and would be no surprise if you already use them at your retail store. It is one of those technologies that have become a definite for most businesses. Through this blog, we would like to illustrate the benefits of Vape Store POS system through modern-day analogies.

There was a guy named Jake who set up a Vape Store. He was a twenty-one-year-old college dropout who opened a swanky, elegant, and swell store amidst a market of traditional tobacco stores.

His projected sales for the first year of his business were at $12,000. But guess what? He made almost $40,000 in his first year. A booming rise in his reality versus expectations (rare, isn’t it?).

How do you think Jake made such a monumental breakthrough? How does any emerging tobacco, cigar, cigarette, or vape store gain popularity and become a preferred place for people?

Read on to explore possibilities, and understand how technology and competent strategies can steer your business in the desired direction.

vape store pos systems

A business, whether a new or established one needs to consider changing trends, audience preference, their taste, and the modern-day nuances of the product that a customer might prefer.

Below is the list of 4 reasons how retail owners, especially tobacco store owners must advance towards a contemporary way of dealing with customers.

The jack and master of all trades; technology!

As a new-age business owner, you come up with a contingency plan, business modules, sales targets, marketing routes, and whatnot. What may often not be on your list of priorities is having technology that accelerates your business.

Retail stores see customers more often than a usual business owner. So, having a point-of-sale system to centrally manage everything for your business is what they need. When your inventory is managed, sale-purchase transactions are recorded, customer loyalty is built, and your overall sale-counter is managed. This puts you in a better place to turn your attention to other aspects of driving a business.

Know your audience!

The mindless scrolling on social media has given us all the liberty to judge advertisements and pop-ups to the best of our abilities. We come across an advertisement about dry-cleaners right after we look for one on the internet.

The point being, how does a business owner know how to target an interested audience, get their attention, attract them to his/her store, and make money? He/she doesn’t! It’s all about how well “digitally marketed” is your business. Through PPC advertisements, targeted ads, social media interaction, and content marketing, owners can reach a larger and farther audience.

Oversell yourself, each time!

Overselling is an art, not many can master. In an inventory of a hundred items, there might only be a selected few that sell off the counter like hotcakes.

Having a system such as a point-of-sale, helps you suggest customers to buy the low-priced or not-so-popular items while their purchase. It gives the buyer an option to buy impulsively, leading to an increase in your sale.

Be a Santa round the year, bearing discounts!

Go back to the time when candy was the only consolation prize we looked for at a doctor’s office. We would be ecstatic to get that free candy after the checkup and would make our day.

Similarly, handing out discounts to loyal customers or those who signed up for your loyalty program, is a bonus to keep coming back to you. You want people to prefer your brand over your competitors, isn’t it? So, what stops you from being their Santa? Start a reward program for buyers, send them a discount coupon once a month, introduce them to new stocks at lower rates, and lot more.


Consider these techniques in mind when considering a point-of-sale system for your Vape Store or for that matter any retail store. You’d be in for a surprise! The setup is easier than ever to use, streamlines business processes, and acts as dynamite of progress for the resources available.

We want to give you an idea about what technology can do for your business. We want to be more than just preachers, and let our actions speak for ourselves.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website for us to get back to you.


A Point-of-Sale system eases out the process of billing for customers and expediates the checkout process. This in turn elevates a customer’s shopping experience, and he/she keeps coming back to your Vape Store often. Apart from this, in-built features of a POS software such as accepting payment through debit/credit cards, and creating accurate bills, accelerates a Vape Store’s sale.
Each POS system in the market comes with a unique feature that adds to a store’s efficiency. Currently, customers who have used FTx Vape Store POS systems have considered it to be the best in the market.
POS software definitely supports inventory management. It is one of the key features of this software, since it enables the user to edit, add or delete items from the inventory through the system. Apart from this, it can also help a Vape Store manage customer data, invoice history, and more.
Vape Store POS systems vary from company-to-company and the technology it is based on. Generally, a cloud-based POS system like FTx Vape Store POS is more cost-efficient than others. To get an idea of what range does it fall under, visit the contact us page, and get touch with one of our executives.