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best Liquor Store POS system
by FTx Global

To sell liquor is like managing and selling artwork. Just like a gallery needs to be cautious about external factors that could harm an art piece, similarly, a liquor store owner needs to take care of multiple factors that could prove to be harmful to the inventory. In this article, we will be discussing how […]

Best Inventory Software for Beer Distributors
by FTx Global

FTx Global (FasTrax Warehouse, Alcohol Industry) At a basic level, managing your beer distribution operations can either be effective or insufficient. Effective distribution management will result in business growth, but becoming effective might be trickier than it sounds. Ask yourself, are any of the following common pitfalls familiar? Your retail inventory management software, or IMS, […]

Utilizing Your POS to its Full Potential
by FTx Global

FTx Global (POS) Did you know that your company’s Point-of-Sale system is the most invaluable tool of your entire business? A digital Point-of-Sale system, or POS system for short, offers far more than the basic functionality of processing your sales transactions. In fact, when used to its full potential, your POS system can effectively market […]

5 Ways a Point of Sale System Can Increase Customer Loyalty
by FTx Global

FTx Global (POS, Loyalty) Ask any retailer what a Point-of-Sale (POS) system is and they’ll most likely tell you it’s the principal component of their retail store. A combination of software and hardware, your POS system is so much more than a cash register that records sales transactions. It actually serves as the central nervous […]

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