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by FTx Global

Convenience stores are anticipating tobacco sales for the upcoming year, 2022, and retailers are getting ready for the potential chill of regulatory headwinds. With the prevailing situations, consumers are expecting another wave of pandemic-related supply chain problems, causing many to begin hoarding tobacco products, such as cartons and cigarettes. With “stay-at-home” conditions expected to continue, […]

best Liquor Store POS system
by FTx Global

To sell liquor is like managing and selling artwork. Just like a gallery needs to be cautious about external factors that could harm an art piece, similarly, a liquor store owner needs to take care of multiple factors that could prove to be harmful to the inventory. In this article, we will be discussing how […]

How Blockchain Development Helps Businesses to Grow Successfully
by FTx Global

Blockchain has left its mark on many industries since its first appearance as a cryptocurrency in the financial sector. From simplification to automatization, blockchain technology offers the ability to record and distribute digital information. When applied to digital currency, blockchain technology comes with versatile characteristics that provide layers of security, transparency, and convenience. When considering […]

vape store pos systems the newage retail marketing techniques
by FTx Global

This isn’t the usual sales-pitch sort of conversation that we’d like to start. We actually want to discuss how having technology can expediate your business. You may have heard of Point-of-Sale systems and would be no surprise if you already use them at your retail store. It is one of those technologies that have become […]

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