The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry
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The tobacco industry is expected to boom into a 1.08 trillion-dollar industry by 2027. It goes without saying that this exponential shift will bring an enormous change in the way businesses to perform transactions and interact with their customers.

In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on POS for tobacco stores, facts, and benefits of using POS systems in tobacco store, cigarette and cigar shops, and provide our suggestions for one of the best POS software for tobacco stores.

Understanding The Need For A POS System For A Tobacco Store

(A system that eliminates extensive costs for a business)

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have gone through pivotal change over the past decade. From the conventional price tag system, cash registers, and hand-written invoices, the road to evolution has been a long one.

In one of the most recent reports released by McKinsey; The 2020 Global Payments Report talks about a sharp decline in traditional payment methods. The tobacco industry especially, chartered into unknown waters of a modernized POS system since the consumption of cigars, cigarettes, nicotine patches, and other tobacco products skyrocketed. A tobacco shop POS system encourages exponential growth for the owner using smart customer tracking, streamlined inventory management, digital product scanning, customer loyalty, and more!

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Cigarette and Smokeless reports, tobacco companies paid over $7.2 billion in 2018 to promote the sale of products through POS marketing in the US. It only goes to show how much tobacco store POS systems are simplifying operations, engaging customers, and efficiently managing the resources at hand.

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Why Are POS Systems For Tobacco Shops Important?

(A POS system for cigar, cigarette, and tobacco shops that goes a long way)

Tobacco penetration in the Asian, American, and African markets have increased by almost 30% since 2019.

Having a modern POS system for a tobacco store that sells cigarettes, cigars or vapes is a smart choice for business owners. We’ve created a list (see below) of the most important “Whys” for tobacco store owners to refer to when determining what types of POS systems to choose. Take a look:

  • A tobacco store POS system accurately manages inventory for the owners. Whether a distinction between flavored cigarettes and regular cigarettes is to be made or redeeming reward points for a frequent customer, a POS for tobacco wholesale business or retail business is a smart choice.
  • A POS for cigarette and tobacco stores helps the owner create and maintain a genuine database of customers. It allows the owner to automatically reward existing customers or attract new ones via loyalty programs or reward point schemes.
  • POS system for cigar stores enriches the customer’s experience. Cigar smoking is an art of indulgence for many. Cigar smokers would be interested in logging their experiences, enjoy personalized pricing on cigars, and get access to a premium cigar lounge through their rewards program. That’s all possible with a modernized POS system with built-in-loyalty.


Top Rated POS Systems That Are Popular in Tobacco Industry For Boosting Sales

(Hint: You’ve probably heard them before.)

The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry inside

When looking for a POS system for a tobacco, cigar, or cigarette store, owners must look at robust, intelligent, and user-friendly technologies. Here’s a list of best POS software for cigar stores that owners can choose from:

  • FTx POS System
  • LightSpeed POS
  • Square POS
  • Vend
  • EHopper
  • Bindo POS
  • Clover POS
  • POS Nation

Are you considering changing, upgrading, or adapting a new POS system for your tobacco store? We have a team of technology experts in the tobacco industry who can help you find the best POS software for your tobacco store. If smart inventory management, personalized loyalty solutions, and access to your POS sales data are things your business is looking for, then FTx Global and its subsidiaries are what you need.

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