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Customer Success Stories

Journey with FTx's Enterprise POS Suite - Summary

FasTrax was there when we needed them the most. We were just looking to change POS systems for our tobacco retail chain. This change-over turned into a lifelong partnership with FasTrax. We’ve now adopted their new Cloud POS (which was a seamless transition), digital signage, Uplift program, and warehouse software. They built our website, manage our social media, and design the graphics for our in-store digital signage. We’ve grown into a 60+ store empire with the help of FasTrax!


Smokers Choice not only needed a POS system that they could rely on, but they also wanted to work towards a larger goal – to change the culture between store clerks and corporate and to strengthen the relationship people have with their products and store. The retail industry is particularly known for its high employee turnaround rates, and the stigma around the tobacco industry is well, particularly negative. So when Smokers Choice came to us wanted to change the culture of the tobacco industry, we knew what we had to do.


Being that we have been working in the Tobacco Industry for decades, we had an industry knowledge base that would help us help Smokers Choice in succeeding at crushing the negative stigma and increase the customer and employee relationships with the company. Marketing in the Tobacco Industry is made especially difficult due to federal and state regulations, but what a lot of shop owners don’t realize is that the POS system that’s at the heart of running their business smoothly, is also a powerful tool for pushing marketing messages and creating a better customer relationship.


We switched Smokers Choice to our Cloud POS system, which is fully capable of handling offline transactions, pushing marketing messages, integrates with an industry-leading loyalty program, makes reporting and sales tracking a breeze, and strengthens the relationship between both employees and customers with Smokers Choice as a company. We also got them set up with our Digital Signage solution to better engage with their customers and inform them of new campaigns, products, and loyalty deals. We signed them up for Loyal~n~Save, an incredible loyalty program company we partnered up with to help increase customer retention and communications and to strengthen relationships. By announcing new campaigns, earning opportunities with their new loyalty program, and new products on social media, we were able to extend their market reach and interact with their current customer base.

Why it Worked:

All of our solutions and services were built to work together, making it increasingly easy and seamless to push a single marketing message to all outlets. Keeping a consistent marketing message across all platforms both online and in-person was key in building up the trust customers needed to keep coming back. The new loyalty program allowed Smokers Choice to not only reward customers, but provide rewards to their employees, incentivizing them to work harder and create a more positive work environment. FTx Cloud POS integrated with the new loyalty program and Digital Signage to accurately push campaigns and discounts. Uplift, a customer facing vertical screen at the register designed to increase impulse purchases when a particular UPC is scanned, increased product awareness and sparked a conversation between the employee and the customer.

The Outcome:

Smokers Choice is one of our oldest customers, and over the past decade we’ve been lucky enough to watch them grow and expand into an over 60 store tobacco retail empire. They’ve been able to decrease their employee turnover rate with highly targeted training campaigns, employee incentive programs, and a more positive work culture. The new loyalty program, Loyal~n~Save, proved successful in increasing customer retention and increasing word-of-mouth advertising. Smokers Choice now has a strong line of communication with over 28K loyal customers who are more likely to come back and make more purchases.