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Customer Success Stories

Journey with FTx's Enterprise POS Suite - Summary

We’ve been looking for the right company to help us expand into an ecommerce business and FTx was the right choice. We were already using their Cloud POS system, so we knew their support team was going to be wonderful. The process of building an ecommerce platform on our already existing website was seamless, and they were able to integrate with our warehouse platform. They built the platform exactly to our vision and offered recommendation along the way. We launched during the global pandemic and it was a huge success!


CBD Source, a CBD and Wellness center with over 60 locations needed a way to better reach a new customer base and increase the availability of its products nationwide. CBD Source needed a custom-built e-commerce platform that tapped into the vast market of consumers looking for natural relief. They also needed the ability to integrate their e-commerce platform with their current warehousing software, FTx Warehouse. Though possibly, what would be one of the biggest challenges yet, was announcing the ability to buy online during the global pandemic.


A site audit and company exploration revealed that CBD Source had a large number of website visitors looking to make purchases online. Their current website provider would not have supported the ability to both be transformed into an ecomm site and integrate with their warehouse software, so it was determined that Magento would be the best platform to build CBD Source’s new e-commerce website.


To help CBD Source increase their consumer market reach and support their business goals, we initiated a comprehensive site plan including a custom redesign of their current website and complete transformation into an e-commerce platform. This platform would allow CBD Source to reach a larger group of consumers interested in CBD products and would enable consumers to quickly find the products they were looking for through informational blogs, site-wide search capability with strategic product tags, and mobile-friendly menus and easy checkout.

Why it Worked:

CBD Source is a longtime customer, they utilize our POS system and warehouse solution and because our clients are our family, we’ve kept in close contact with the owners and already had an understanding of what their business goals were in the near, and far, future. This relationship and vast knowledge of not only CBD Source as a company, but of the CBD industry as a whole, gave CBD Source the confidence and trust in us to complete this project without any hesitation.

The Outcome:

In the end, CBD Source had a beautiful, user-friendly e-commerce website with custom integrations and a mobile-responsive design. We kept a lot of their previous website’s features so it was still familiar to current users and customers. The transition from their old website host to Magento was seamless, ensuring that there was no downtime in usability. With the help of our talented marketing team, CBD Source was able to successfully announce their e-commerce site with a targeted social media and email marketing campaign. CBD Source is now able to connect with consumers more efficiently. Together, the e-commerce platform and its expanded consumer market, drove a dramatic sales growth for CBD Source.