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Pet Store POS Solutions by FTx Global

7 POS Features That Help Pet Shops Grow and Succeed   

A user-friendly and intuitive pet store point of sale and eCommerce software helps store owners to easily manage sales, inventory, grooming appointments, and a lot more by making use of all-in-one retail POS software. To manage a pet store effectively, it is essential to select the best suitable software to automate different business operations. From inventory management and handling customer data to carrying out e-mail marketing and offering gift cards, making use of a POS system for pet stores can help you streamline the entire process.

Pet store owners can effectively manage their business in the best way with a POS system. Using a pet store POS system will help you reduce the time required to train your store staff, automate accounting and transactions, and track every single new sale or customer at your store. Reports can be generated automatically and instantly to track the performance of your store on a monthly basis.

7 Essential POS Features That Prove Helpful for Pet Stores:

  • Process Sales Remotely

    When using a mobile pet store POS software, make sure it integrates with your pet shop retail software.

  • Inventory Management

    With accurate inventory tracking, you can save a lot of time and money. With POS software, you can get inventory updates, make promotions, and carry out price updates across different stores.

  • Cloud Solution

    With the advancement in technology, it is essential for your pet store to adapt to these changes. You should use cloud-based POS software to manage your business and continue with your routine activities from anywhere. With cloud POS, you can access your data remotely at any time. Cloud-based pet store POS software offers you security benefits like the safety of data.

  • Cross-Selling Opportunity

    A cloud POS system helps with cross-selling opportunities for pet store owners. They can enhance their service and offer complementary products to their customers by using this software. Through cross-selling, pet store owners can increase their revenue.

  • Accept Different Types of Payments

    With a cloud-based pet store POS system, you can accept payments in different ways. It helps customers pay merchants in a hassle-free way, be it cash, credit card, or debit card.

  • Easy Checkout Process

    Enhance the customer experience by offering a secure, hassle-free, fast, and easy checkout process for every transaction. Our pet shop POS system supports every aspect of your business operations. Using the fast checkout process, you can increase your chances of sales without affecting your business with system downtime issues.

  • Loyalty Programs

    You can choose to reward pet lovers by offering them loyalty points, discounts, or deals on their purchases. You can capture customer information in CRM and you can share with them product promotions or new arrivals.

    To conclude, it can be said that pet owners should invest in a pet store POS system, as it will help them streamline their business operations and help them track their store performance.


When you opt for a web-based pet shop POS system, then it helps to easily access its features remotely using a Wi-Fi or web connection. It eliminates the need to install software on multiple computers or manage any type of networking system. Any kind of update is automatic and instant, and all the details are stored in the cloud, so the data remains secure and protected against spam or system crashes. 
  • Can accept multiple payment options
  • Helps in customizing changes to your POS solution for pet shops
  • Generates e-receipts and sends emails to customers
  • Shrinks the checkout time to one-third and accelerates the customer experience
  • Helps in managing sales of low-cost or less-sold items when customers check out
  • Breaks down information and results into accessible and readable reports
  • Stores a crucial amount of data helpful in direct marketing
  • Sell merchandise effortlessly with great speed and accuracy
  • Get detailed and valuable insights into your data
  • Reduce stock-related problems
  • Manage inventory
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Multi-location software fits retail business needs
  • Offer loyalty programs
  • Track the performance of your pet store
  • With a POS system, you can easily manage and keep track of employee hours using a point-of-sale system for a pet supply store. Pet shop owners can easily manage every aspect of their employees, such as working hours, sales volume, and much more. POS systems usually come with log-in and log-out with shift features. With the help of this feature, you can easily track employees' working hours and calculate their salaries accordingly.