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Covid 19

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FTx Oath Against COVID-19
Commerce that Values Life of Each Individual

An oath to safeguard human lives from COVID –19 at Ftx Global & its concerning society at large.

Our OATH against Covid-19:

OOvertly responsible for one and all

Our personnel act as matured and responsible citizens of the society while keeping a 6-Feet Distance when in and out of office.

AAbove all, sanitization

We make sure that every person walking in and out of our premises sanitizes herself/himself, thoroughly.

TThorough health scrutiny

Every employee at Ftx Global regularly keeps a check on her/his health in case any symptoms of Covid-19 are experienced.

HHappily adapting to the “mask-on” mode

Our teams make sure to keep the spirits up with a smile even under the mask and keep the ball rolling in tough times like these.