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Leverage Digital Signage System for Corporate Communication
Digital Signage Solutions by FTx Global

Leverage Digital Signage System for Super-Efficient Corporate Communication

Every company wants its communication channels to be impeccable. Businesses may save time and do tasks more effectively and without as much confusion when communication is seamless. Corporate entities, despite being aware of the advantages, find it difficult to reach out and deliver a message efficiently to their people and others. According to a Harvard article, 69% of corporate managers in the United States have trouble communicating with both internal and external audiences, demonstrating their lack of proficiency in corporate communication.

Businesses primarily struggle because they utilize outdated technologies and methods only to convey messages that require greater attention and are uninteresting. For a generation obsessed with content that merely lasts 30 to 60 seconds, it’s challenging to draw attention to written or static communication that might take 1-2 minutes of attention and is boring. Thus, it becomes imperative to find other modern tools, and going by the boom in digital signage sales, corporates worldwide have found the solution. Digital signage systems at corporates have proved super-efficient in conveying messages or gathering information. The only major catch is that one needs to understand how to leverage one of the best communication tools for corporates. In this blog, we will focus on how you can improve communication in your business.

Does Digital Signage Actually Enhance Corporate Communication?

Digital signage has been more and more popular recently, and it is now being used more frequently in the corporate sector to achieve the greatest outcomes. An OLED or LCD screen that is driven by a powerful cloud-based digital signage system can be used to display visual, static, or any other kind of information. With digital signage, you may display the information continuously throughout the day, allowing viewers to interact with it whenever they choose without feeling compelled to do so or taking extra time to do so. Digital signage also allows staff members to breathe, a sense of control, and decision-making as it is not an “on the face” communication medium. It’s up to them when they want to read. Whereas emails, newsletters, or any other similar sort of communication just enter an employee’s or a person’s space.

Moreover, the digital signage system gives numerous choices to the users regarding the format in which the content needs to be displayed. This way, the message can be displayed creatively to increase engagement without constantly forcing or persuading employees to keep checking emails or other communication forms. Below are some tried and tested corporate digital signage content ideas you can utilize to streamline communication and nurture relationships with customers, employees, visitors, etc.

Tested Content Ideas to Improve Corporate Communication

  • Display Sales and Analytics on a Screen

    There is nothing greater than unfiltered, genuine communication. Employees and senior members are always on the same page thanks to the pertinent display of data regarding sales, analytics, and other factors. Additionally, because the outcome or influence of a newly implemented strategy will be in front of them, it will automatically help them to improve if anything goes wrong or encourage them if the results are positive, making it easy for businesses to provide feedback to an employee or a team. Nothing is more effective than self-awareness.

  • The Company’s Overall Growth and Statistics

    The digital signage management system works best when it comes to motivating your workforce, impressing visitors and customers, or impacting an investor’s mindset about your leadership. You can engage the audience by subtly advertising your company’s performance through statistics without talking with them physically or connecting with them on a digital call. People love transparency. Displaying actual data about your company’s performance will help you build a real relationship with your employees and senior members and instill a sense of responsibility and achievement in your employees’ minds, as their efforts are having a significant impact on their company’s growth.

  • Live News Feeds and New Trends Related to Your Industry

    Keep your employees updated with new industry trends without forcing them to be in the loop. It works like magic! Even if they don’t know, they’ll be constantly encouraged to learn new skills and stay relevant to current trends. A company remains relevant when its employees are relevant! You can also keep your employees updated about your competitors’ new moves, so they know how to tackle that and grow!

  • Real-Time Communications

    Convey important messages or make essential announcements instantaneously. Digital signage software gives you the power to immediately inform a large number of people within a short period of time and in real-time. Furthermore, you can also communicate details about new events, product launches, recent achievements and awards, and any other social activities the company is planning.

  • Customer and Product Reviews

    With a smartly set digital signage system, you can let the world know what your customers and other entities are saying about your products. Display reviews, product reviews by influencers and critics, and customer or client feedback. Creatively display customer reviews to attract more clients or welcome customers on a positive note!


A digital signage system has an advantage over other approaches when it comes to communication that doesn’t force the reader to pay attention. You may connect with your audience and build a more transparent rapport by communicating effectively. Your company may achieve just that with the help of the digital signage solutions provided by FTx POS. Even if the world is expanding more quickly, businesses are discovering easier, more effective, and quicker ways to share information and connect with customers. You might prefer to remain with traditional or modern techniques. Numerous business digital signage solutions are provided by FTx POS. For those with little to no design knowledge, we offer FTx AdPro, a professional-level graphic design program integrated with our content management system (CMS), as well as digital signage screens. For further information, get in touch with one of the specialists today!