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Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

How can POS Software Help Tobacco Retailers to Thrive & Succeed?

Convenience stores are expecting rise in tobacco sales for the upcoming year, 2022. And retailers are getting ready for the potential chill of regulatory headwinds. With the current situations, consumers are expecting another wave of pandemic-related supply chain problems. This has led several of them begin accumulating tobacco products like cartons and cigarettes.

With “stay-at-home” conditions expected to continue, consumption of tobacco products has increased for almost all categories, same for vapes. Consumers can smoke freely in their homes without restrictions of being imposed in public places. This demand from convenience store owners for tobacco products has now increased, causing shipping delays from major distributors.

The trend towards increasing demand from retailers for tobacco products is also one thing that has been taking place for some time now. In recent 2019, tobacco market expansion in the African, Asian, and American markets has rose by about 30%. Tobacco industry is expected to convert into a 1.08 trillion-dollar industry by 2027. With rising demand and new regulations and supply shortages are expected to come in the future. These changes will transform the way businesses manage their operations and communicate with customers.

In this blog, we will discuss how tobacco POS solutions can help businesses to find success and navigate through these tough times.


How can POS software prove beneficial for the tobacco industry?

Since past decade, a lot of innovations have taken place in tobacco stores business solutions, and this has led to evolution. With modern tobacco shop POS software, store owners can benefit from features like smart customer tracking, inventory management, digitized product scanning, customer loyalty, and more. With modern retail POS systems, store owners can simplify routine operations by efficiently managing resources and engaging customers in interesting ways.

Why it is essential for store-owners to have a POS?

Having a modern POS system is beneficial for tobacco shop owners as it help streamline business operations in a hassle-free way.

    1. Integrated Inventory Management
      With the help of a tobacco store point of sale system, store owners can keep track of everything related to inventory, from automating order tracking to creating and managing purchase orders, to managing vendors, real-time data reporting, and much more.
    2. Customer Experience
      Cigar stores can enhance customer’s experience with personalized pricing on cigars, giving access to cigar lounges and rewards programs. All this can be achieved with an advanced retail POS system which has in-built loyalty feature.
    3. Reward Loyalty Points
      With a POS system, owners can access customer database and reward loyal customers on their purchases. Cashiers can also store customer information in their POS and allow redemption of rewards to customers.
    4. Permission Levels
      By giving limited access to cashiers, you can ensure that your inventory is safe. It can help avoid stock theft issues.


  1. Barcode Scanning
    Be it offline or online, tobacco retailers who provide a wide range of products can benefit from a tobacco POS system. With POS Software, they can accurately track inventory across different online or offline locations on real-time basis. The checkout process also as simplified with the barcode scanning feature. It allows cashiers to focus on other activities like upselling, cross-selling, and communicating with customers and improve their in-store experience.
  2. Age Verification
    It is important for tobacco retailers to abide by regulations to protect their license from being revoked. Licenses can get revoked, if retailers sell age-restricted products to minors. With the help of automatic ID scanning and age-verification technology, store owners can ensure they are selling products to legal customers only.
  3. Report Generation
    It is important to carry out business analysis before making any big decisions. Using a POS system, you can generate and export different sales reports, customers data, inventory, profits, employee performance, and much more.
  4. Price Change
    Using a POS system, store owners can stay updated on price changes in real-time, and price changes happening across stores from a single location. This help maintain price consistency across stores and avoids discrepancies at the time of billing.
  5. Digital Signage Solutions and Management
    With digital signage solutions, tobacco store owners can inform customers about products, deals, and promotions. With FTx Control Center, retailers can update content anytime and from anywhere. This has led to ease of changing digital menus and display images from a single location.

Over to You

With tobacco store POS solutions, tobacco retailers can simplify routine operations that drive business success. It makes sense to invest in a modern POS system as it helps increase tobacco sales and empower your business to grow quickly in competitive times.


A POS system can help to streamline routine operations at tobacco shops. It can save cashier's tons of time and effort that can then be put towards enhancing the customer’s experience. Additionally, it can help to eliminate stock problems caused by things like inventory wastage or theft
You can retrieve customer and sales data using a POS system, analyze it and make decisions accordingly.
A POS system includes a monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, card reader, barcode scanner and customer-facing display.
Important features like inventory management, loyalty programs, customer age verification, report generation and access and security offered by a POS system helps tobacco store owners to succeed and get a strong foothold in the industry.