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Cost Efficient Web & App Development for Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

We try our best to give you high quality development and enterprise cloud solutions at rates that are best in class.

Everybody wants their technology to be cloud-based because of its secure ease of access and freedom to manage from anywhere.
FTx Global, a Web and Mobile app development company helps you develop websites, web applications, and mobile applications that are cloud-based and advanced.
Just get in touch with us and express your requirements.
We offer best in class plans for enterprises who are looking for economical cloud infrastructure management services solutions.
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Exclusive Plans for Businesses that are looking to venture into eCommerce

Exclusive Mobile and Website Development Plans for Ecommerce

Specialized, targeted and economical approach for firms that want to go online with their products or services.

Taking your business online is a decision that most people want to take and execute but the problem is that they don’t find the apt team that can help them with the right type of development solutions that are best for eCommerce websites.
FTx Global provides such packages that escalate your dreams to become the leading eCommerce business.
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Automated Gadgets like POS systems, and Digital Signage and Schedulers

Futuristic Automated POS Products

Retail businesses are now implementing futuristic technologies to attract consumers with FTx Global being the leading provider.

Lead the retail chain business with innovative products like POS systems with inbuilt loyalty program software, automated workflow, touchscreen with attractive easy to use UI, advanced billing software, and Digital signages with cloud connectivity.
You can schedule your promotions for an entire year and automate them to display new arrivals, offers, menus, and events accordingly with the high-quality and vibrant display signages.
Get the best deals on visionary products and software from the web and mobile app development company with exclusive plans for retail stores looking for economical solutions.
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FTx Global Products

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We don’t mean to toot our own horn but we have a feeling you'll love our solutions and services. Contact us to discuss how our expertise can benefit your company.
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There are two parts of web application development Front end and backend. Front –end part is created with the help of client-side programming where client refers to web browsers. Developers will normally use programming languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Backend or the server-side programming involves use of scripting languages Java, Python, etc. The scripting for backend will hide the source code that designs the customer interface.
To store data of Web application you may need MySQL, MSSQL Or Mongo DB languages.
Going online has now become a mandatory step towards a business that will not only be successful now but also be profitable and popular in future.
The COVID19 pandemic is a great example of how online business has been the prime source of income for many businesses.
Whenever a person wants something he/she first searches that on internet and even though it's something that he/she can’t buy on internet the person searches for the available retail stores nearby.
Imagine how great it would be if your retail business is online and the consumers nearby can just order the products online and then walk in and pick their order up. This almost happening everywhere in the USA. To be in the market and survive among the tough competition there is a need to go online for ecommerce.
There are several programming languages that are preferred by the developers and some of them are as follows
Action Script
Normally It depends on the complexity of the Web and Mobile App that you are looking to create. A basic version of Web application may cost from $2500 to $20000. Similarly, for Mobile application a basic mobile app would cost around $20000- $30000. Whereas, complex mobile Enterprise Cloud Apps can even be as costly as $60000 - $80000.