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Vape NY

pos systems for vape stores nyc

Problem Solving At It's Best!

Our technologies are at your services to help you decrease errors, track inventory and eliminate all the issues efficiently.

Each business owner, especially a Vape Store owner aims to prevent losses, attract a larger audience or have a loyal base of customers.
Strengthen your efforts of such eliminations with FTx Global.
We offer peerless and unique marketing solutions, retail vape store POS technology, in-store digital signage, and a customer-loyalty program that not only boosts sales but also attracts a larger audience.
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Point-of-Sale system for your Vape Store in New York

You cannot not ignore the advantage!

Being traditional yet welcoming modernity is a smart pivot for any business. And that's what we do!

FTx Global aims to play a pivotal role for businesses such as Vape Stores in New York who are turning to technology for their day-to-day needs.
See the magic of Digital Signage with FTx Global and attract an audience in masses like never before.
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Incentivize your reward point-scheme

Incentivize your reward point-scheme

Wouldn’t you love to have your favorite brand incentivize your loyalty points into a freebie or an extra purchase?

Of course, you would!
FTx Global aims exactly that for your Vape Store in New York through its Reward Loyalty Program software which comes with our retail vape store POS software.
Alter as many campaigns as you want, get in touch with past buyers, and give your audience a reason to come back to your brand time and again.
This will help you create a customer base that is more loyal and would bring a consistent amount of business to you.
You can enhance your brand value and experiment with many more new deals and products.
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We don’t mean to toot our own horn but we have a feeling you'll love our solutions and services. Contact us to discuss how our expertise can benefit your company.
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The best POS systems for vape shops in NYC must be powerful, ease-to-use and convenient. You can choose from FTx POS, Square POS, Reply POS or Lightspeed POS for your brand. FTx Global Point-of-Sale system for your Vape Store in New York shall prove to be a smart choice owing to its simplicity, customization, streamlined functionality, and a hundred other reasons.
We will make it easier for you. Here are the top three benefits of having an in-store digital signage: 1. It acts as an intuitive push towards an impulsive sale, 2. It appeals to the human eye and allows customers to read about the brand, menu, offers, etc. 3. It reduces your printing costs so much so that you can let creativity drive business.
Our FTx Digital Signage is a cloud-based system that allows you to explore your creative streak. Wherever you are in the world, all you need is internet and our system to design, re-design or publish digital signs for your brand in New York.
Boost customer-loyalty for your Vape Store in New York with weekly lucky draws, redeemable reward point collection, quarterly giveaways of new products, heavy discounts on premium collection of Vape, and more.
POS systems for Vape Stores in NYC help you manage inventory, sales, revenue and audience all at the same time. It gives you an edge over your competitors to go an extra mile, innovate with your operations and achieve sale milestones like never before.