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Grocery Store POS | Point of Sale Software

Cost-Effective POS for Grocery Stores

Cost-Effective POS for Grocery Stores

A POS system that delivers a high return on investment

Our enterprise software increases employee productivity while allowing you to monitor their work in real-time. Set permissions and give employees selective access. Track inventory and sales with intelligent business analytics and reporting. Make the payment process smooth and secure, and manage all POS system functions flawlessly. The FTx Global Grocery Store POS will provide you with everything you've always wanted in a point-of-sale system.
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Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores

Digital Marketing for Grocery Stores

Your grocery store needs a solid digital marketing strategy to attract every potential customer.

FTx provides digital marketing strategies that go beyond local search engine listings and social media handles. Our solutions bridge the gap between managers and marketers, providing direct access to a solid team of marketing professionals that know your industry. Leverage advanced marketing tools and hard-to-penetrate sales channels without the overhead of additional staff. Reduce overhead costs with a team to accelerate your sales goals.
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Uplift Screens and Loyalty Program

Uplift Screens and Loyalty Program

FTx POS is loaded with integrated Uplift screens and loyalty program software.

Turn your cashiers into selling machines with Uplift's +6 add-on feature that can be controlled in the FTx Control Center. Create and display attractive offers and deals that encourage customers to make impulse buying decisions. Get your special offers to the right customers, when it matters most; at the point of purchase. Showcase BOGOs and limited time offers, thus improving your customer service and overall customer experience in your store.
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Grocery Store POS Systems

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Currently, grocery stores use automated POS systems that do far more than just generating bills. Modern grocery store POS systems track inventory, manage bills and sales, and can easily integrate with most digital signage systems.
The initial cost might be somewhere around $1,000 to $5,000 total, which includes hardware and software. After that, it will depend on the type of subscription plan you choose.
Try using the strategies below to market your grocery store.
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Promotion through Shopping Bags and Other Merchandises
  • Offer Free Samples and Tastings for Food
  • Organize In-Store Events on Special Occasions
  • Add Home Delivery Services
  • Integrate Loyalty Program Software
  • Email Marketing
You don’t have to look very far. We at FTx Global can get you started. Just click on the Let’s Chat button above and fill out the form to receive a completely free consultation on the best solutions and features for your grocery store.