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Fuel Retail

Manage Everything with Our Fuel Retail POS System

Manage Everything with Our Fuel Retail POS System

Handle your convenience store gas station and fuel retail operations with the help of FTx's top-notch POS system for gas station.

FTx fuel retail POS empowers you to manage your forecourt, foodservices, carwash, and lottery. Our advanced solutions also equip you with new payment options, easier upselling techniques, marketing campaigns at the pump to attract consumers to buy or eat, and loyalty program software to grow your fuel retail business.
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Self-Checkout Technology with Fuel Retail POS

Self-Checkout Technology with Fuel Retail POS

Offer more convenience to your customers by allowing them to self-checkout and make the process a bit quicker.

Give your customers more control over their purchases with the help of FTx’s advanced technological fuel retail POS solutions. Self-checkout also gives your staff a chance to handle other tasks as well.
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Digital Signage and Digital Marketing Services

Added Digital Signage & Marketing Services with Gas Station POS Software

Clear Signages is the key to successful in-store marketing, and consistent digital marketing is the key to effective online marketing. Leverage the power of both services to the fullest with FTx.

Our automated digital signages solutions integrate with fuel retail POS systems. Schedule your content an entire year in advance and control every campaign through our organized Control Center. Our digital marketing services effectively market your products and build your brand, attracting more customers to your gas station.
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Enhance your sales and diversify your advertising with FTx's full suite of Business Solutions.

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There are many benefits of having a gas station pos software . Here is a short list of the greatest benefits:
  • Increased overall efficiency of gas station operations
  • Improved employee management
  • Increased advanced payment options
  • Self-checkout options
  • Centralized organization and management
  • Loyalty program management
  • Inventory Management
  • Improved accuracy in all areas of operation
  • Upselling and cross-selling success
  • And so much more...
Legacy POS systems have many limitations, the worst of which is that they are not technologically advanced. Alternatively, cloud-based POS systems connect to all software and are capable of sharing information and simplifying business operations.
Setting up a pos system for gas station costs between $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the types of gadgets and technology you integrate.
FTx Global is an industry leader for automated gas station POS systems. Just click on the Let’s Chat button above and fill out the form to receive a completely free consultation on the best solutions and features for your fuel retail business.