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FTx Digital Signage system management software

Cloud-based Digital Signage System

  • FTx Digital Signage management system help you inform your potential consumers while engaging them with astonishingly pleasing creatives to glue their feet right in front of your store’s purchase counter!!
  • FTx Digital signage system software encloses a set of efficient tools that enhances your in-store marketing to create more sales. Syn FTx Digital Signage system management software with FTx ADPro software, to create some mind-blowing creatives for your signages and menus, and FTx POS system, to update pricing on digital menus and signs with few clicks automatically.
  • Moreover, customer facing POS displays helps upselling by putting promotional discounts and offers in front of customers at the time when they are most vulnerable to make impulse purchases.

FTx Digital Signage Management System


Schedule and Run Your Ads Automatically

FTx POS Solution’s Digital Signage help you plan and schedule as many digital ads you want and require in a day to display automatically. Scheduling your ads will save you from missing on the promotions, switching out paper menus, and running special ads for events and offers. The digital cloud-based control center lets you organize your creatives and menus on the visual timelines to conveniently edit and manage them to display them in the order you like.

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Daypart Scheduler

Schedule your digital ads and menus to display them automatically at different intervals all around the day. This amazing functionality comes handy when the businesses want to serve or sell different products or dishes at different timelines during a day. Display up to 5 different daypart menu schedules for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner time or late night.

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Timeline Scheduler

Plan your promotions for an entire week or month or year well in advance with our time line scheduler by arranging and managing them in our user-friendly tools. The scheduler helps you to have a tab on the scheduled ads anytime to make instantaneous changes or just to check whether the ads fit in your promotion calendar. With the help of drag slide tool you can select the timeline and save it to alter the timelines according to your needs. With FTx Digital Signage scheduler functionalities by your side, the hassles of working with paper menus and changing them time and again are gone!

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Mass Updates

Edit, design, add, update and manage promotions and ads for multiple stores at different locations with one click. The Mass Update feature empowers you to save time and efforts because you don’t have to go through each individual promotion as the mass update feature displays your ads at each and every store you want. For retailers that have multiple stores, it’s a boon!

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Create Professional Ads Using FTx AdPro

Create with FTx AD Pro’s Cloud based Control Center for Your FTx Digital Signage Management System

FTx’s cloud-based Control Center allows you to be free to develop, schedule and edit your ads from any remote location with internet access. Once your ad is developed you can then export it to FTx Digital Signage Management System and schedule it for display according to your needs.

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FTx AD Pro’s Cloud based Control Center for Your FTx Digital Signage Management System

Make Your Own Menus and Signages with Vast Range of Templates

FTx ADPro is a boon for FTx’s digital signage management systems. The top-rated design software equips you with various options like image editor, ad, edit and remove text boxes with changeable fonts, upload your preferred photos of any format like .jpg,.png or .gif, choose templates from our vast range, and create animations.

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Make Your Own Menus and Signages with Vast Range of Templates

Customize Your Ads According to Your Wish for

You can very effectively edit your Ad campaigns with the help of the plethora of tools like drag and drop tools, and intuitive menus. Select background and its color, add & edit photos, logos, symbols, add text with font of your choice, create animations and do many more stuffs that you do with any professional level graphic design software.

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Customize Your Ads According to Your Wish for

Schedule Your ADs and See Preview

The advanced FTx digital signage management system helps you to schedule your ads so that they go live automatically. This automation helps you to be on time and don’t miss on any special offer promotion.

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Schedule Your ADs and See Preview with FTx interactive digital signage system

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frequently asked questions

Digital signage management system is a software that allows you to schedule, control and display the ads, menus, information, promotional content, etc.

Being one of the prime systems among various digital signage system software, FTx Digital Signage system is the most efficient and easy to use software since it can be integrated with FTx ADPro software and the hassle of creating top-level creatives for promotion are solved.
Digital signage system software makes your in store marketing an easy task. The software automates the visual display of your ads, menus, weather reports, tv shows and other promotional offer graphics. The interactive digital signage system has a scheduler that enables you to put the timelines for which the content will be displayed and where it will be displayed.
Scala, Intelisa, On Sign TV, Hexnode MDM and FTx digital signage management system are some of the best digital signage software.

FTx digital signage software, since it can be integrated with the inhouse FTx ADPro graphic designer, has become the first choice of many businesses.
Digital signage system software is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip that transfers the content to a display. The consumers of the signage software can also manage the content with a CMS or Coud based FTx’s control center.
Educating the customer or marketing your products to the customer doesn’t end when the consumer enters your store. In fact, when the consumer is in your store it’s an opportunity to inform and educate the customer more about your products, new release, offers, menus and other activities.

Digital Signage system software makes the above given tasks possible by allowing the retail shop, restaurant or supermarket owners to display ads, menus on the digital screen with creative graphics thus making the process more interesting for the customers.

Scheduling the visual display of each ad can also be done with the digital signage system software. It makes the entire process automated so that you just have to feed the data once and your ads will display throughout the store or chain of stores for the desired time period. Furthermore, you can also edit or update the prices on the digital menus instantaneously.