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Digital Signage Solution in New York

Ingenious Digital Signage Solution In New York

  • Engage & Educate Your Customer with FTx Solutions Digital Signage and Watch Your Profit Skyrocket!
  • FTx Solutions Digital Signage includes a full suite of tools that will simplify your in-store marketing. The amazing suite syncs with the POS system to change rates of the products automatically on the digital menus and signages. It also gets integrated with FTx ADPro so that you can directly upload the design that you have made to the signages.
  • The customer-facing uplift screen informs the customers about ongoing deals, and new arrivals to lure them to make impulse purchases.

FTx Digital Signage- Digital Cloud-based Control Center


Schedule and Run Your Ads Automatically

FTx Digital Signage System in NYC help you plan and schedule as many digital ads you want and require in a day to display automatically. Scheduling your ads will save you from missing on the promotions, switching out paper menus, and running special ads for events and offers. The digital cloud-based control center lets you organize your creatives and menus on the visual timelines to conveniently edit and manage them to display them in the order you like.

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Daypart Scheduler

Schedule your digital ads and menus to display them automatically at different intervals all around the day. This amazing functionality comes handy when the businesses want to serve or sell different products or dishes at different timelines during a day. Display up to 5 different daypart menu schedules for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner time or late night.

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Timeline Scheduler

Plan your promotions for an entire week or month or year well in advance with our time line scheduler by arranging and managing them in our user-friendly tools. The scheduler helps you to have a tab on the scheduled ads anytime to make instantaneous changes or just to check whether the ads fit in your promotion calendar. With the help of drag slide tool you can select the timeline and save it to alter the timelines according to your needs. With FTx Digital Signage scheduler functionalities by your side, the hassles of working with paper menus and changing them time and again are gone!

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Mass Updates

Edit, design, add, update and manage promotions and ads for multiple stores at different locations with one click. The Mass Update feature empowers you to save time and efforts because you don’t have to go through each individual promotion as the mass update feature displays your ads at each and every store you want. For retailers that have multiple stores, it’s a boon!

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Create Professional Ads Using FTx AdPro

The functionalities that our digital signage solution in New York offers are exactly what the retail stores of NYC need.

Manage in-store promotions FTx Control Center

You can control your ads and perform changes in the menu pricing through FTx POS and with our cloud-based digital control center

FTx digital signage solution in New York provides a cloud-based Control Center dashboard that allows you to develop, manage, and schedule your digital in-store ads remotely from anywhere you want with your smartphone, desktop, iPad or Tablet. and FTx POS You can then run your ads on the selected locations and signages.

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FTx Digital Signage Solutions cloud-based Control Center

Choose the Template and Make Your Own Menus and Signages

Inform your customers about your products and display the menus with your own graphic design software FTx ADPro

FTx's professional graphic design software FTx AdPro can be integrated with your digital signage controller and equips you with all the functionalities you need to develop top-quality creatives in no time and with almost very little effort. Choose the screen size, give a name to your ad and display it on the signages you want.

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Choose the Template and Make Your Own Menus and Signages

Best Digital Signage Solution in New York

You can customized you in-store promotions according to your needs

User-friendly menus and drag and drop tools offered by FTx ADPro for your digital signages make it amazingly easy for you to conceptualize and create attractive ADs and Menus. The freedom to customize and edit, choose your background color or gradient, add images, change fonts, and do many more things to enhance your promotions puts FTx digital signages on the list of the best digital signage software in New York state.

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Edit Your ADS As you Like with our digital signage software

Schedule Your ADs and See Preview

With digital signage controller you can schedule your ads for an entire year and see the preview before you make them live

FTx Digital Signage Solution in New York helps you automate your ad scheduling so that you don't miss out on your special promotions and change the pricing whenever you want. Choose as many ads as you want to run in a day, arrange them on the visual timeline, and easily change the display order all from the Control Center.

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With our cloud based digital signage you can Schedule Your ADs and See Preview

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Creating and sustaining an empire requires other technological business solutions as well. Have a look at our other economical FTx solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital signage system is an LED/projection/e-paper system that displays advertisements, menus, brochures, and data to customers. Take it as a digital hoarding that attracts customers to read what it displays. Digital signage system in NYC is one of the most powerful, and creative systems in the world. Most brands use digital signage in NYC to attract customers for increased sales.
Digital signage can be used for various purposes. It is mainly used for advertising a brand or company. They are also used for creating awareness about a social cause, festive greetings by the government, and much more.
While it depends on the technology used to build digital signage software in New York, clients who have used FTx Digital signage systems consider it to be the best. Since the system is a cloud-based one, they find it easier to manage from anywhere in the world with steady internet.
A digital signage system is driven by a media vehicle that pushes content (creative or text) through an LED/projector/e-paper display. It is easily accessible for anyone with an internet connection, sitting in any part of the world. Digital Signage system in NYC work on myriad technologies such as cloud-based, which make it cost-effective and a preferred choice for most owners.