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Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in New York


  • FTx Accounting and bookkeeping services in NYC help you boost your business by simplifying and organizing tasks like bookkeeping, billing, data management, tracking expenses and taxes with its state of the art tools that make it one of the best accounting service provider in New York.
  • Apt for all types of businesses, our retail accounting and bookkeeping services for New Yorkers embody top quality accounting capabilities for small businesses or enterprises.

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FTx Accounting Services in New York has many features and we've listed out the top ones

We Enhance Your Books

We follow best bookkeeping practices to help you manage your books proficiently.

Our best-in-class retail sales accounting services in New York follow Advanced Bookkeeping practices while saving time and increasing efficiency. You can count on us when it comes to managing and reviewing ledgers and keeping them clean without any confusion.

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Enhances Bookkeeping Process retail sales accounting software for NYC

Proactive Business Accounting Services NYC

We ideate and create new ways to help your accounts look good to save more money

We are responsive and come up with ideas that could help you save money by managing the accounts smartly. Especially for retailers, there several techniques that can help them save on extra taxes and penalties by paying bills on time.

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Proactive Cloud Based Retail Accounting Software in NYC

Pay Bills Smartly

We help you meet your deadlines with bill payments even with tighter financial restraints.

We help you track bill payment schedules and be on time to control the cash flow according to your business's needs and maintain clean records.

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Bill Payments billing software for retail shop New York

Easy Payroll Management

Our accounting services in New York help take care of your payroll tax filing, processing and reporting

FTx Accounting and bookkeeping services nyc help you with payroll management by securely dealing with the salaries of your employees and efficiently calculating and managing bonuses, holidays and many more things.

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Easy Payroll Management retail accounting software for small business New York

FTX Global Products

We empower business owners from every industry with our technologically advanced products.
Enhance your sales and diversify your advertising with FTx's full suite of Business Solutions.

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Creating and sustaining an empire requires other technological business solutions as well.
Have a look at our other economical FTx solutions.



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frequently asked questions

FTx Accounting is one of the best accounting and bookkeeping service providers in New York. It is becoming popular among small business owners because of its proven work experience and results that even their clients boast of. To know more about why FTx Accounting Services is the best retail accounting services in New York, click on the request a free trial button above.
Small businesses of New York deploy different types of tactics to manage their books. However, here are some of the valuable points that you should follow to maintain your account efficiently. Keep an eye on your cash flow
Communicate clearly with your accounting team
Be very meticulous while attending to Receivables
Keep a separate record for Invoices and Receipts
Personal and business accounts should be kept distinct Document cash expenses
Log expense receipts attentively
Select a team that creates financial statements proficiently
Chart your accounts
Go for a highly professional individual or a team to manage your taxes
Effectively manage double-entry bookkeeping
FTx Accounting and Bookkeeping Services are the best accounting services in NYC because it provides all the retail business owners' flexibility and capabilities to get the best out of their books. They save on taxes, unnecessary expenses, late bill payment penalties, unhappy employees, and many more. 
There are many benefits some of them are listed below- Cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping services in New York
Save on taxes
Effective payroll management
Proficient ledger review
Advanced and proactive bookkeeping
and many more. To know all about the advantages, click on the free trial button above. ' The application that documents helps you calculate and operate the accounts. The Software takes care of the entire accounting process with the tools that have modules like accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, journal, trial balance, and payroll.

Looking for the best accounting services in New York? You can click here and know more about FTx accounting software to handle your businesses' accounts and have tight control of your money flow.