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Enterprise POS Solutions by FTx Global

Experience Great Difference with Modern Retail POS Systems

With the growing demand and popularity of retail point-of-sale system among retail owners, cash registers have become a thing of the past. Modern POS systems have helped retail business owners in speeding up payment services and provide real-time insights about customers’ purchases and inventory. These systems also provide extra functionalities and simplifies routine retail operations.

It is essential for retail owners to adopt a modern point of sale software for retail store to do great business and stay ahead of their competitors. In this cutthroat global environment, it’s all about the customers and how businesses can serve customers and predict their needs. There are several innovative ways which helps to attract and retain customers. Retail owners should make it a point understand what attracts customers, what compels them to act and how to anticipate consumer trends.

How a Modern POS System Looks Like?

Retail owners should opt for a modern retail POS as it allows faster checkout and promises customized shopping experience. Managing transactions on a routine basis is an indispensable part of their business; therefore, it becomes necessary for them to invest in an efficient POS system. The Pos system for retail store features different software designed to track & manage data and handle everything in your store, making retailers’ life easy.

The best thing about modern point of sale software for retail POS systems is that it helps in carrying out different tasks on various devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Multiple tasks such as viewing customer orders, processing sales transactions, managing inventory and viewing role-based reports can be done using modern POS systems. With it, retailers can revolutionize store operations in an efficient manner.

How does a POS system function?

How does a POS system function?

Useful features offered by modern POS system for retail stores:

    1. Inventory Management
      It has a great significance when it comes to maintaining accurate inventory. Modern POS systems have inventory management feature that tracks the performance of certain items and markdowns items and shrinkage. Retailers can be rest assured that their store will never face problem of product shortage at any point of time. The inventory management feature offered by modern POS software helps manage inventory efficiently and monitor stock movement in the best way.
    2. CRM Integration
      You can integrate CRM with your POS system software. This integration helps in recording personal information of customers like their product preferences, purchase history, etc. Tracking this helpful information, retailers can offer customized shopping experiences to customers and fulfill their shopping demands in the best way.
    3. Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards
      Modern POS systems for retailers helps improve loyalty programs. Modern POS software makes it easy for retailers to track customer purchases and incorporates discounts, promotions or giveaways automatically in their transactions. Gift cards also allow customers to buy more at your store. Gift cards and loyalty programs give more flexibility to your customers when it comes to rewarding them. Also, it leads to increased sales with the passage of time. This offers a great shopping experience for customers leading to customer retention.Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards


  1. Customer Facing Display
    It forms a crucial part of retail industry. There are many options available in customer facing displays. Using these displays, retailers can tap in the opportunity to inform customers about their products/services and promote campaigns in an effective manner. All this combined with a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.Customer Facing Display
  2. Generate Reports
    Modern POS Systems offer great flexibility in creating useful data reports. You can customize your reports as per the data relevant to your store. You can also set alerts in your point-of-sale system for certain types of events in case of a major sale or meeting daily requirements. With a point-of-sale system, you can generate reports for different business aspects like sales, inventory, customers’ data and a lot more. These reports can help make critical business decisions and help you take the required steps for managing store, sales and inventory.
  3. Customer Service Management
    Using a modern POS system, you can serve specific needs of customers in the best way. The modern point-of-sale system allows you to store customer’s information and helps in building customer profiles. There are certain platforms that offer loyalty features so that you can reward your customers. You can plan sales and promotions by using a modern POS. All useful features of the modern POS system help enhance customer experience, increase customer engagement, repeat purchases, etc. These features help retailers grow and succeed in their business.
  4. Sales and Payment Channels
    With modern point-of-sale software, you can achieve new sales and add payment channels. This is of great help, especially in the times when technology is getting affordable, faster and better. The whole world is shifting towards e-commerce, e-wallet options and cashless payment adoption methods. For this reason, it becomes important for retailers to consider modern retail POS systems for their stores.

What are the benefits of adding the best pos systems for retail stores?

  • It simplifies the complicated accounting process
  • View past transactions by customers
  • Ordering process can be automated
  • Authorize transactions in a quick way
  • Provide a detailed receipt of items to customers for their purchases
  • Eliminate chances of errors as the software comes with in-built checks to ensure accuracy of the entered information

The Bottom Line

It can be said that retailers should adopt modern POS systems to ease their routine work. Using modern POS software will ensure a quick billing process, increased sales, stock management, increased customer satisfaction and better retail management.


A POS system is far better than cash registers in numerous ways. You can count on the POS system as it offers several noteworthy benefits such as increased efficiency, expanded payment capabilities, accuracy, inventory and employee management, reporting, accounting and quick service. All these benefits help your business to develop, do better business and achieve success.
Businesses require a point-of-sale system to speed out the checkout process, which drives more sales for the business. Besides this, it saves time, money, effort and eliminates human errors. Businesses can automate all the routine manual tasks & get real-time insights to track finances and inventory.
Yes, the POS system offers real-time information for customer purchasing history, insights and statistics regarding the whole supply chain regardless of the channel. Retail owners get the benefit of accessing the most up-to-date information regarding their stores.
You can easily manage employees’ productivity and working hours using a POS system. With its smart employee management feature, retail owners can manage each detail about employees like the number of working hours, track how much sales are generated by employees and much more. Several POS systems also have log-in and log-out along with shift features using a PIN. This feature helps you to track working hours and calculate salary accordingly.
The must-have features in a retail POS system are mobility, channel integration, stock and inventory management, employee management and insights and analytics.