Best Tobacco Store POS Systems
Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

Point of sale systems are a necessary investment for any business. However, they’re not all alike. Therefore, choosing the right one will depend on your industry and how you plan to use it. Tobacco retailers like you who want to boost revenue need to ensure that whatever system you choose has the ability to offer flexibility to integrate required apps, has the scan data loyalty management functionality, customer personalization, continuous tech support, glitch-free, easy-to-use user interface, and affordable rates.


Here are the three essential features an ideal tobacco POS system must have:


  1. Pricing & Integrated Loyalty Programs

    Your tobacco point of sale system can be a powerful tool that can do the hard work for you. A good tobacco store POS will ensure that your customers get the best price while streamlining back-end accounting. Choose tobacco POS solutions with integrated features like loyalty programs to receive rebates or discounts on items throughout the year. Loyalty programs with this advanced technology are key components when looking at how successful any business can be during these tough economic times. They provide rebates and discounts as well, making it easier than ever before for their financial success.

    In-store promotions are a great way to boost your store’s traffic and revenue. In addition, you can offer electronic coupons tied into the POS system that will be customized based on customers’ past purchases or preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction while increasing loyalty for repeat visits. With an intuitive point of sale system with rebates, it’s easy enough to reward shoppers who shop frequently; all this contributes towards making sure every penny spent goes towards growth.

  2. Tobacco Store POS with Multiple App Integration Support

    When selecting a tobacco point of sale software, the capacity to enable numerous app integrations is a requirement. The use of apps can significantly improve the customer experience. They enable a speedy, secure checkout and offer essential functions like age verification to keep your customers coming back. Superior convenience is also provided through marketing or loyalty applications, not just in-store but also online via mobile site interfaces.

    Inventory management apps will empower you to order and sell in various unit bundles, such as packs or cartons. With this multi-functional tobacco POS software inventory management integration, there’s also a quick way to track cigars by name with custom codes so they can be taxed accordingly. This helps small shops stay successful over time because it makes things easier when managing inventory quantities on hand at any given moment—and not just through barcodes, which were often used before these newer technologies came along.

    When you’re looking for the best POS provider, it’s essential that the system can grow with your store. Look out for applications with multi-store capabilities and access to detailed reporting on every tobacco store location. These tools will allow you to see how different strategies perform in comparison, so we know what processes need improvement or expansion over time. Also, tobacco POS with eCommerce app integrations can help you grow.

    A complete tobacco store point of sale can monitor all aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface. You can conveniently view real-time data on sales and product tracking across the entire retail cycle with a comprehensive tobacco store POS system that is designed for tobacco retailers like yourself! An advanced POS system offers powerful apps that help you centralize your data at any given time to make managing your business a super easy task.

    Moreover, POS software for tobacco stores that allows data centralization helps maintain constant contact between employees. It is even more crucial now than ever because anything can happen during business hours. Something might come up suddenly requiring immediate attention, or maybe there’s some new information about how customers want products stocked.

  3. Scan Data Loyalty Management and Support to Understand and Follow the Guidelines of Product Manufacturers

    f you want the best possible pricing, your tobacco point of sale system must have support from industry giants like Altria and RJ Reynolds. Their in-system support targets a variety of features that will help smoke shops feel confident they’re not behind on trends anymore. These manufacturers roll out several scan data programs to compensate the tobacco retailers in return for customer data like their purchase behaviors, price sensitivity, and other information. With this compensation, retailers can introduce special discounts. Also, manufacturers offer buydowns to tobacco retailers to help them boost their sales and increase profits.

    An adept tobacco store POS provider understands how important it is for a tobacco shop retailer to have a scan data management functionality in their tobacco POS system so that they don’t have to hire a third party to manage the scan data loyalty and give them a commission for that. A tobacco store point of sale can save money and help a retailer earn more through scan data incentives. Thus, scan data management is the most crucial feature of point of sale software for a tobacco store, and one should not settle for anything less.

    There are very few providers out there who offer this integrated feature. FTx Global is one of those rare providers that offers scan data management functionality. The days of feeling inferior to larger chains are gone when you have the proper support. With unparalleled support for your tobacco POS system, small businesses can be confident in their future success no matter how big or small it is.


Your tobacco shop’s success depends on a sound, automated, and complete tobacco point of sale (POS) system. When you invest in technology that will help streamline your business and enhance the customer experience while taking care of tedious tasks like inventory management or monthly billing, it allows you to focus on other aspects necessary for retailers, such as marketing strategies with integrated analytics software reporting in real-time, so decisions can be made more efficiently than ever before. With clients like Smokers Choice, one of the largest tobacco chains in the United States, FTx Global is a seasoned tobacco POS provider that has continuously evolved and revolutionized tobacco retail businesses with its groundbreaking POS technologies.

Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

Retail POS systems have brought a huge revolution to the whole industry by storm. Besides supermarkets, even dedicated businesses like tobacco stores benefit from point of sale system features. The best thing about using point of sale software is that it is both cost-efficient and easy-to-use. Therefore, your smoke shop can streamline its routine operations using customer-friendly POS products and services. A cloud POS system comes equipped with a wide variety of features.

Since the laws in the US are stringent, it becomes required by law to comply with the rules and regulations at the time of selling tobacco products. Therefore, if your business involves selling cigars, cigarettes, or other age-restricted products to minors, then chances are that your license could get revoked. Therefore, you can avoid such issues by using smoke shop point of sale software.

Cigar store POS software helps detect the user’s age based on their driver’s license and prompts. In this way, you can keep your store legally sound and risk-free at all times. We understand that vape retailers require an advanced POS system that gives them the ability to see and click through available brands, sizes, flavors, and nicotine levels to drive up sales. With smoke store POS software, retailers can also get an idea of which brands are popular and review monthly reports with just a few clicks.

The following are some useful tips that help to run a smoke shop retail business in the best way:

  • Provide Training to Your Employees

    It is imperative to provide training to your staff members about the product range and brands you deal with. By providing them with training, you can keep them updated about advancements in the tobacco sector. Create curiosity among your employees to go online and become familiar with your product range. Besides, you can ask manufacturers about new products to provide valuable insights.

  • Advanced POS System

    If you own a traditional POS system, you need to upgrade your POS for smoke stores. It is essential to embrace modern technology to stay ahead of your competitors in this digital age. It eases the task for employees and creates an everlasting impression on customers.

  • Maintain Accurate Information

    Every shop section flows smoothly, and related products must be kept together. Maintain accurate information on your inventory and stay organized. Maintaining this record helps in identifying less-selling products that can be eliminated at a later stage. You can easily keep a stock of the best-selling items. The best-selling products can be displayed in more prominent positions. If your customer does not easily find the product, you could lose a customer who contributes towards sales.

  • Promote on Social Media Channels

    You can think of capitalizing on social media platforms like Instagram. On this image-based platform, you can present your products to targeted customers across the globe. This platform lets you cash in on the influencer marketing aspect.

  • Offer a Unique Retail Experience to Customers

    An excellent retail experience will help you spread the word about your business. When you offer a unique retail experience to your customers, it will lead to your customers spreading the word about the brand among their friends and relatives.

  • Ensure Your POS System is Updated

    It is crucial that your POS system is up and running all the time. Therefore, you should make it a priority to consider its maintenance. Doing so will help you never miss a sales opportunity. All in all, it is vital to give a hassle-free customer experience, from buying products to making payments. It will ensure that your customers will not go elsewhere.

  • Purchasing the Right Stuff

    It is crucial to have a diverse product range t to satisfy a variety of customers. Also, it is vital to capitalize on bestsellers and new trends appropriately. Get an idea about what your customers are buying frequently and keep a close watch on fluctuations. Keep some options available in top-selling categories and ask your customers if they cannot find their desired product from the product range offered. Get some knowledge about trending items in most areas.

  • Run Effective Smart Promotions

    We do understand that there may be highs and lows in any business. If there is excess stock, companies can develop effective ways of moving the product. You can consider giving promotions like post-holiday sales, deals, or giveaways to get rid of excess inventory in the best possible manner.

  • Host Product Demonstrations

    A retailer can plan to host a tasting of a selection of their products to assist customers in experiencing new products before they decide to make any purchase. The sales associate will offer insights, background, and information about the selected product range during the tasting session.

  • Keep a Track of Sales

    Businesses need to keep track of sales and know-how the store performs. You can analyze business performance by getting detailed reports and valuable insights. Sales reporting will help you improve on various aspects, such as pricing, seasonal stock, ordering, marketing, staffing, and more.

Therefore, by following the tips mentioned above, you can successfully run a smoke shop retail business using a smoke store point of sale system.

Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

Convenience stores are expecting rise in tobacco sales for the upcoming year, 2022. And retailers are getting ready for the potential chill of regulatory headwinds. With the current situations, consumers are expecting another wave of pandemic-related supply chain problems. This has led several of them begin accumulating tobacco products like cartons and cigarettes.

With “stay-at-home” conditions expected to continue, consumption of tobacco products has increased for almost all categories, same for vapes. Consumers can smoke freely in their homes without restrictions of being imposed in public places. This demand from convenience store owners for tobacco products has now increased, causing shipping delays from major distributors.

The trend towards increasing demand from retailers for tobacco products is also one thing that has been taking place for some time now. In recent 2019, tobacco market expansion in the African, Asian, and American markets has rose by about 30%. Tobacco industry is expected to convert into a 1.08 trillion-dollar industry by 2027. With rising demand and new regulations and supply shortages are expected to come in the future. These changes will transform the way businesses manage their operations and communicate with customers.

In this blog, we will discuss how tobacco POS solutions can help businesses to find success and navigate through these tough times.


How can POS software prove beneficial for the tobacco industry?

Since past decade, a lot of innovations have taken place in tobacco stores business solutions, and this has led to evolution. With modern tobacco shop POS software, store owners can benefit from features like smart customer tracking, inventory management, digitized product scanning, customer loyalty, and more. With modern retail POS systems, store owners can simplify routine operations by efficiently managing resources and engaging customers in interesting ways.

Why it is essential for store-owners to have a POS?

Having a modern POS system is beneficial for tobacco shop owners as it help streamline business operations in a hassle-free way.

    1. Integrated Inventory Management
      With the help of a tobacco store point of sale system, store owners can keep track of everything related to inventory, from automating order tracking to creating and managing purchase orders, to managing vendors, real-time data reporting, and much more.
    2. Customer Experience
      Cigar stores can enhance customer’s experience with personalized pricing on cigars, giving access to cigar lounges and rewards programs. All this can be achieved with an advanced retail POS system which has in-built loyalty feature.
    3. Reward Loyalty Points
      With a POS system, owners can access customer database and reward loyal customers on their purchases. Cashiers can also store customer information in their POS and allow redemption of rewards to customers.
    4. Permission Levels
      By giving limited access to cashiers, you can ensure that your inventory is safe. It can help avoid stock theft issues.


  1. Barcode Scanning
    Be it offline or online, tobacco retailers who provide a wide range of products can benefit from a tobacco POS system. With POS Software, they can accurately track inventory across different online or offline locations on real-time basis. The checkout process also as simplified with the barcode scanning feature. It allows cashiers to focus on other activities like upselling, cross-selling, and communicating with customers and improve their in-store experience.
  2. Age Verification
    It is important for tobacco retailers to abide by regulations to protect their license from being revoked. Licenses can get revoked, if retailers sell age-restricted products to minors. With the help of automatic ID scanning and age-verification technology, store owners can ensure they are selling products to legal customers only.
  3. Report Generation
    It is important to carry out business analysis before making any big decisions. Using a POS system, you can generate and export different sales reports, customers data, inventory, profits, employee performance, and much more.
  4. Price Change
    Using a POS system, store owners can stay updated on price changes in real-time, and price changes happening across stores from a single location. This help maintain price consistency across stores and avoids discrepancies at the time of billing.
  5. Digital Signage Solutions and Management
    With digital signage solutions, tobacco store owners can inform customers about products, deals, and promotions. With FTx Control Center, retailers can update content anytime and from anywhere. This has led to ease of changing digital menus and display images from a single location.

Over to You

With tobacco store POS solutions, tobacco retailers can simplify routine operations that drive business success. It makes sense to invest in a modern POS system as it helps increase tobacco sales and empower your business to grow quickly in competitive times.

The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry
Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

The tobacco industry is expected to expand into a 1.08 trillion-dollar industry by 2027. This great shift will bring a huge change in the way businesses perform transactions and interact with their customers.

In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on POS for tobacco stores, facts, and benefits of using POS systems in tobacco store, cigarette and cigar shops, and provide  suggestions for one of the best POS software for tobacco stores.

Understanding The Need For A POS System For A Tobacco Store

(A system that eliminates extensive costs for a business)

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have gone through pivotal change over the past few years. From the conventional price tag system, cash registers, and handwritten invoices, the road to evolution has been a long one.

In one of the most recent reports released by McKinsey; The 2020 Global Payments Report talks about a sharp decrease in traditional payment methods. The tobacco industry especially, chartered into unknown waters of a modern POS system since the use of cigars, cigarettes, nicotine patches, and other tobacco products skyrocketed. A tobacco shop POS system promotes great growth for the owner using smart customer tracking, streamlined inventory management, digital product scanning, customer loyalty, and more!

As per the Federal Trade Commission’s Cigarette and Smokeless reports, tobacco companies paid over $7.2 billion in 2018 to promote the sale of products through POS marketing in the US. It only goes to show how much tobacco store POS systems are simplifying operations, engaging customers, and efficiently managing the available resources.

The need for pos systems in the tobacco industry inside

Why Are POS Systems For Tobacco Shops Important?

(A POS system for cigar, cigarette, and tobacco shops that goes a long way)

Tobacco penetration in the Asian, American, and African markets have increased by almost 30% since 2019.

Having a modern POS system for a tobacco store that sells cigarettes, cigars or vapes is a smart choice for business owners. We’ve created a list (see below) of the most important “Whys” for tobacco store owners to refer to when deciding what type of POS systems to choose. Take a look:

  • A tobacco store POS system accurately manages inventory for the owners. Whether a distinction between flavored cigarettes and regular cigarettes is to be made or redeeming reward points for a frequent customer, a POS for tobacco wholesale business or retail business is a smart choice.
  • A POS for cigarette and tobacco stores helps the owner create and maintain a genuine database of customers. It allows the owner to automatically reward existing customers or attract new ones via loyalty programs or reward point schemes.
  • POS system for cigar stores enhance the customer’s experience. Cigar smoking is an art of indulgence for many. They would be interested in sharing their experiences, enjoy personalized pricing on cigars, and get access to a premium cigar lounge through rewards program. This can be achieved with a modern POS system with built-in-loyalty feature.

Top Rated POS Systems That Are Popular in Tobacco Industry For Boosting Sales

(Hint: You’ve probably heard them before.)

The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry inside

At time of buying POS system for tobacco, cigar, or cigarette store, owners must look at robust, intelligent, and user-friendly technologies. Here’s a list of the best POS software for cigar stores that owners can choose from:

  • FTx POS System
  • LightSpeed POS
  • Square POS
  • Vend
  • EHopper
  • Bindo POS
  • Clover POS
  • POS Nation

Are you considering to change, upgrade or adapt a new POS system for your tobacco store? We have a team of technology experts in the tobacco industry who can help you find the best POS software for your tobacco store. Suppose smart inventory management, personalized loyalty solutions, and access to POS sales data are things your business is looking for. In this case, you will need FTx Global and its subsidiaries.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to see the seamless technology experience you can have with our full suite of tobacco store retail solutions.