5 Ways a Point of Sale System Can Increase Customer Loyalty
Loyalty Management by FTx Global

FTx Global (POS, Loyalty) Ask any retailer what a Point-of-Sale (POS) system is and they’ll

tell you it’s the principal component of their retail store. A combination of software and hardware, your POS system is much more than a cash register that records sales transactions. It serves as the central nervous system of your entire business! In fact, your Point-of-Sale system will provide you with the most valuable marketing tool – consumer data.

Consumer data is important as it represents the entire demographic of your customers. By keeping track of their buying behaviors, you have insight into who is purchasing, what they’re purchasing, and when they’re purchasing. But is your system optimized to build long term, profitable relationships? Here are 5 ways a modern Point-of-Sale system can increase your customer loyalty:


A loyalty program that integrates into your POS system is the key to the program’s overall success. What better time for a customer to enroll in your loyalty rewards program than when they’re already making a purchase? Collecting customer information at the POS isn’t necessarily a fast process and can cause unwanted frustration. However, with FasTrax POS and Loyalty, you can simply scan the customer’s driver’s license at the register to quickly capture and retain all important customer information. This automation saves time and money by eliminating the labor it takes to manually enter customers’ information in the register. Customers will thank you, since it’ll save them valuable time before their next destination.


A POS system records your customers’ purchase history and helps to track and view your customers’ shopping habits and browsing behaviors. When customers sign up with your program, you can collect their email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, birthdays, and maybe even their social media accounts. Storing these details in your POS database centralizes all customer demographic information and keeps it organized for future engagement and segmentation. Connecting and interacting with customers through these mediums can foster loyalty if you engage in a relevant, informative, and fun way. For example, something as simple as a ‘Happy Birthday’ pop-up message on your POS can go a long way. That small recognition at the register could be what connects a customer to your brand!


In today’s digitized world, customers tend to patronize businesses whose brands they believe in. Brands that remain relevant to their needs quickly become consumer favorites. The reality is that everyone’s needs depend on time and context, and promotions and discounts are crucial to driving sales. With a POS system, you can target a specific segment of customers and offer them rewards based on their purchasing behavior. By segmenting customers, you can avoid one-size-fits-all loyalty promotions and tailor your customer offers to include items your loyalty members are already buying. Personalized promotions based on loyalty member needs can provide a more meaningful experience for your customers, which yields profitable results. Whether you offer points, discounts, or special recognition, give your loyal customers what they want. A rewards program helps them make it quick and easy to earn & redeem points for the things they care about.


Your POS system will have several features, but it should be able to record customers’ buying patterns so you can use that information to create personalized incentives and tailored experiences. When signing up for a loyalty program, customers provide information that gives you insight into their hobbies, interests, and habitual spending, all of which filter into a particular demographic. You will come to know your customers with passage of time and you observe their shopping habits. Use it to your advantage when customers are about to redeem their rewards by adding a touch of personalization to the rewards items you suggest. When customers feel they are noticed and appreciated, true loyalty is fostered and more purchases are made. Using this data, retailers can make personalized recommendations that increase upsell opportunities and promote brand loyalty.


Nothing discourages loyalty members from participating in a rewards program than having to wait a long time to collect enough points to be rewarded. Don’t make your customers wait. Make your rewards instant! Your POS system should be able to apply for loyalty discounts and promotions without any hassles automatically. We all desire instant gratification, which means we like to see immediate results once we invest our time and money. The same principle applies to loyalty participants. When customers know they will be rewarded for purchases, it encourages them to shop frequently and spend more. Businesses should use this to their advantage to lead to better customer spend more and engage with your brand.

Your point-of-sale system should streamline your workload, prevent loss, and drive sales. Having the right POS solution will make your operations more efficient and help you grow your business and loyal customer base! If your POS system isn’t doing this, it might be time to look for a new one. That’s where FTx POS Solutions come in. Contact Us to learn more, and if you would like to discover all that FTx Global can do for your business, give us a call today.