Pet Retailers Investing in Point-of-Sale systems in 2021!
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Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, apart from adoration from the furry creature. It is as good as being a parent, only to an innocent animal who becomes family in no time. Pet owners look forward to providing their pets with quality pet care, available at the nearest pet retail store.

While there are many things a pet owner might look at in his/her preferred pet store, however, there majorly two things out of that list that we will focus on in this article.

1. The ease of check-out at the cash register because nobody likes to wait when they have already selected their products.

2. Availability of their desired products.

It comes as no surprise that pet retailers have turned to pet store management software to modernize working and attract larger audiences in the last decade.

This article will discuss why investing in a pet store POS system can be a smart move in 2021. Keep reading to know-how!

Pet Store POS Software – A Futuristic Approach for the Present

Gone are the days when retailers would have a cash register that would print bills after every purchase. With the data-driven world that we live in, a system that stores your customer history and interacts with it is an ideal choice.

A pet store POS system is a multi-facet set of hardware that manages, attracts, and interacts with customers smartly. The customer-centric existence is a cherry on the top of this invention, and pet retailers can focus on other essential aspects of the business.

Here’s why we think pet store management software is a futuristic opportunity!

  • No more queues or waiting for the change at the cash counter. Instead, pet store pos software accelerate the buying process through this smart check-out process.
  • Addition, subtraction, and management of inventory become way more manageable with a pet store POS software.
  • Tracking, reporting, and analyzing customers’ purchase patterns are at the core of this system, helping business owners make decisions accordingly.
  • Suggestive and chatbot prompts to customers while purchasing has led to a revolutionary change in buyers’ buying capacity.
  • Initiating and building a loyal customer base through loyalty rewards programs gets the going easier.
  • POS systems intelligently interact with past customers through automated emails, purchase histories, and offers.
  • Integrating multiple apps into this system comes quite handy when trying to manage numerous aspects of a business.

Pet Retailers Investing in Point-of-Sale systems in 2021!

Investing in the Real Deal

Investing in a Point-of-Sale system requires pet retailers to weigh their options carefully. Whether to go for a Legacy POS system or Cloud POS system for their store is a matter of debate, but hopefully, we’ll be able to give suggestions that ease out the dilemma.

Legacy POS Systems

Legacy pet store POS software is built on traditional technologies, storing data on a local internal network or server. These systems have been in the business for quite some time and are used by many traditional business owners.

Cloud POS System

Cloud POS systems are software designed to operate on a cloud network where other users share space to store data more securely.

So, how would owners know which is the best pos software for pet retail stores?

FTx Global suggests some parameters to gauge which pet retail POS system can be the best for your business. Check them out!

The POS system should:

  • Accept multiple payment options
  • Facilitate customizable changes in the system
  • Generate E-receipts and emails them to customers
  • Shrink the check-out time to 1/3rd and accelerate customer’s experience
  • Push low-cost or lesser sold items to customers while checking out
  • Break down information and results into readable and accessible reports
  • Store data for direct marketing

And so much more. Users who have used FTx suite of business solutions say with conviction that the pet retail POS system from FTx Global is one of the best in the market. It not only captures data but also puts it to use for the benefit of the business.

Summing Up

While much has been said about the Pet Retail POS systems, owners can look at more holistic growth options from the POS system. Healthcare & Nutrition, Access to Global products, Monthly maintenance of food-stock of a pet, and more can be managed from a POS system.

Still, have doubts about how a pet store POS software will work for your business? Drop us an email at or fill out the contact us form for us to get back to you in 3 business days.

best Liquor Store POS system
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To sell liquor is like managing and selling artwork. Just like a gallery needs to be cautious about external factors that could harm an art piece, similarly, a liquor store owner needs to take care of multiple factors that could prove to be harmful to the inventory.

In this article, we will be discussing how an owner can choose one of the best POS system for liquor store for his/her liquor store.

Why must an owner choose a professional liquor store POS system for his/her liquor store?

For liquor store owners, the daily transaction limits have been estimated to grow cent percent. What comes as no surprise is why owners are rushing towards a more automated reporting and sending systems for their businesses in 2021.

Here are four reasons why owners must choose a POS system for their liquor stores. Take a look!

  • Manage complex liquor inventory data, and record daily and weekly transactions of the business.
  • Generate system discounts, loyalty discounts, dollar-based discounts or multiple currency discounts through your liquor store POS system.
  • Grow exponentially, optimally utilize resources, and maximize profits for your liquor store.
  • Centralize operations, sales, and accounts by bringing them under one POS system.

POS Store

What are some of the most important factors to keep in mind while choosing Liquor POS software for the store?

Owning a liquor store calls for multiple licenses, safety manuals, inventory, and data management. It is believed that after one liquor store, almost sixty licenses are to be procured.

One can only imagine how much legwork goes at the front-end of this show. A liquor store POS software helps owners manage suppliers, supplies, inventory, sales, revenue, discounts, customer service, and the business on the whole.

So, when buying the best POS system for your liquor store, you must keep the following pointers in mind. They accelerate the decision-making process of the business.

  • A liquor store POS system must have a real-time recording, reporting, tracking and scanning of information. It should be the mecca of your business management.
  • The system must be able to shrink the inventory management costs, printing costs, overhead costs, and ultimately the business costs.
  • It should be able to record and analyze sales performances, margins, profits, losses, and keep a record of purchase patterns of buyers.
  • It should be easy-to-use for the personnel and designed in a way that can be customized at any point in time. For e.g., changing panel buttons, creating offer campaigns, suggesting additional items to buyers, and more.
  • It must support any operating device that you wish to keep at your store. Whether it is iOS, Linux, Windows or Chrome bug.
  • This liquor store POS system must be able to accept any and every transaction for a purchase. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and other payment gateways.
  • A professional liquor store POS system must be able to maintain accounts, calculate payrolls, act as a staff roster, and provide 24/7 customer support.

It should contain basic features of age verification, and automate weekly reports for the business to be on the same page with the rules and regulations of a state.

Why choose FTx liquor store POS systems for your business?

FTx liquor store POS system is a cloud-based system designed to help curb business problems faced by owners. It is a holistic solution for a liquor business looking to manage multiple facets of the store.

Whether it is the cashier or the owner, through FTx POS software, an owner can:

  • Reduce the checkout time for the customer, thus, enhancing customer’s experience.
  • Generate invoices with a detailed bifurcation of prices, taxes or other applicable deductions.
  • Add items to the inventory through customized button and panel applications to the business.
  • Manage your retail store discounts, help you curate discount campaigns, offer multiple packages at discounted prices, and more.
  • Create a loyal customer base through reward programs, and dollar-based/multiple currency concessions.
  • Attract a larger audience through a suite of add-on business solutions that accelerate marketing, sales and customer retention.

We are all ears for a quick chat over a virtual cup of coffee! If you’ve any concerns related to POS systems or are considering to change/turn to a new POS system for your liquor store, talk to us!

You can drop in a message or fill out the form on our contact us page. We will definitely get back to you within 3-business days.

vape store pos systems the newage retail marketing techniques

This isn’t the usual sales-pitch sort of conversation that we’d like to start. We actually want to discuss how having technology can expediate your business.

You may have heard of Point-of-Sale systems and would be no surprise if you already use them at your retail store. It is one of those technologies that have become a definite for most businesses.

Through this blog, we would like to illustrate the benefits of Vape Store POS software through modern-day analogies.

There was a guy named Jake who set up a Vape Store. He was a twenty-one-year-old college dropout who opened a swanky, elegant, and swell store amidst a market of traditional tobacco stores.

His projected sales for the first year of his business were at $12,000. But guess what? He made almost $40,000 in his first year. A booming rise in his reality versus expectations (rare, isn’t it?).

How do you think Jake made such a monumental breakthrough? How does any emerging tobacco, cigar, cigarette, or vape store gain popularity and become a preferred place for people?

Read on to explore possibilities, and understand how technology and competent strategies can steer your business in the desired direction.

vape store pos systems

A business, whether a new or a generational one, needs to turn to the changing trends, preferences of its audience, tastes of its audience, and the modern-day nuances of the product that a customer might prefer.

We present a list of 4 reasons how retail owners, especially tobacco store owners must advance towards a contemporary way of dealing with customers.

The jack and master of all trades; technology!

As a new-age business owner, you come up with a contingency plan, business modules, sales targets, marketing routes, and whatnot. What may often not be on your list of priorities is having technology that accelerates your business.

Retail stores see customers more often than a usual business owner. So, having a point-of-sale system that centrally manages everything for your business is maybe what you need. When your inventory is managed, sale-purchase transactions are recorded, customer loyalty is built, and your overall sale-counter is managed, you are in a better place to turn your attention to other aspects of driving a business.

Know your audience, big boy!

The mindless scrolling on social media has given us all the liberty to judge advertisements and pop-ups to the best of our abilities. We come across an advertisement about dry-cleaners right after we look for one on the internet.

The point being, how does a business owner know how to target an interested audience, get their attention, attract them to his/her store, and make money? He/she doesn’t! It’s all about how well “digitally marketed” is your business. Through PPC advertisements, targeted ads, social media interaction, and content marketing, owners can reach a larger and farther audience than they would usually.

Oversell yourself, each time!

Overselling is an art, not many can master. In an inventory of a hundred items, there might only be a selected few that sell off the counter like hotcakes.

Having a system such as a point-of-sale, helps you suggest customers to buy the low-priced or not-so-popular items while their purchase. It gives the buyer an option to buy impulsively, leading to an increase in your sale.

Be a Santa round the year, bearing discounts!

Go back to the time when candy was the only consolation prize we looked for at a doctor’s office. We would be ecstatic to get that free candy after the checkup and would make our day.

Similarly, handing out discounts to your loyal customers or those who signed up for your loyalty program, is a bonus to keep coming back to you. You want people to prefer your brand over your competitors, isn’t it? So, what stops you from being their Santa? Start a reward program for your buyers, send them a discount coupon once a month, introduce them to new stocks at lower rates, and so much more.

You may want to consider these techniques in mind when considering a point-of-sale system for your Vape Store or for that matter any retail store. You’d be in for a surprise! The setup is easier than ever to use, streamlines business processes, and acts as dynamite of progress for the resources available.

We want to give you a taste of what technology can do for your business. We want to be more than just preachers, and let our actions speak for themselves.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website for us to get back to you.

The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry
Industry Insight, Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

The tobacco industry is expected to boom into a 1.08 trillion-dollar industry by 2027. It goes without saying that this exponential shift will bring an enormous change in the way businesses to perform transactions and interact with their customers.

In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on POS for tobacco stores, facts, and benefits of using POS systems in tobacco store, cigarette and cigar shops, and provide our suggestions for one of the best POS software for tobacco stores.

Understanding The Need For A POS System For A Tobacco Store

(A system that eliminates extensive costs for a business)

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems have gone through pivotal change over the past decade. From the conventional price tag system, cash registers, and hand-written invoices, the road to evolution has been a long one.

In one of the most recent reports released by McKinsey; The 2020 Global Payments Report talks about a sharp decline in traditional payment methods. The tobacco industry especially, chartered into unknown waters of a modernized POS system since the consumption of cigars, cigarettes, nicotine patches, and other tobacco products skyrocketed. A tobacco shop POS system encourages exponential growth for the owner using smart customer tracking, streamlined inventory management, digital product scanning, customer loyalty, and more!

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s Cigarette and Smokeless reports, tobacco companies paid over $7.2 billion in 2018 to promote the sale of products through POS marketing in the US. It only goes to show how much tobacco store POS systems are simplifying operations, engaging customers, and efficiently managing the resources at hand.

The need for pos systems in the tobacco industry inside

Why Are POS Systems For Tobacco Shops Important?

(A POS system for cigar, cigarette, and tobacco shops that goes a long way)

Tobacco penetration in the Asian, American, and African markets have increased by almost 30% since 2019.

Having a modern POS system for a tobacco store that sells cigarettes, cigars or vapes is a smart choice for business owners. We’ve created a list (see below) of the most important “Whys” for tobacco store owners to refer to when determining what types of POS systems to choose. Take a look:

  • A tobacco store POS system accurately manages inventory for the owners. Whether a distinction between flavored cigarettes and regular cigarettes is to be made or redeeming reward points for a frequent customer, a POS for tobacco wholesale business or retail business is a smart choice.
  • A POS for cigarette and tobacco stores helps the owner create and maintain a genuine database of customers. It allows the owner to automatically reward existing customers or attract new ones via loyalty programs or reward point schemes.
  • POS system for cigar stores enriches the customer’s experience. Cigar smoking is an art of indulgence for many. Cigar smokers would be interested in logging their experiences, enjoy personalized pricing on cigars, and get access to a premium cigar lounge through their rewards program. That’s all possible with a modernized POS system with built-in-loyalty.


Top Rated POS Systems That Are Popular in Tobacco Industry For Boosting Sales

(Hint: You’ve probably heard them before.)

The Need For POS Systems In The Tobacco Industry inside

When looking for a POS system for a tobacco, cigar, or cigarette store, owners must look at robust, intelligent, and user-friendly technologies. Here’s a list of best POS software for cigar stores that owners can choose from:

  • FTx POS System
  • LightSpeed POS
  • Square POS
  • Vend
  • EHopper
  • Bindo POS
  • Clover POS
  • POS Nation

Are you considering changing, upgrading, or adapting a new POS system for your tobacco store? We have a team of technology experts in the tobacco industry who can help you find the best POS software for your tobacco store. If smart inventory management, personalized loyalty solutions, and access to your POS sales data are things your business is looking for, then FTx Global and its subsidiaries are what you need.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form to see the seamless technology experience you can have with our full suite of tobacco store retail solutions.