How Digital Signage Boosts Sales & Revenue for Any Business
digital signage solutions by FTx Global

We all know that creative and digital things attract the attention of customers. One of the best ways to benefit from this aspect and to be successful in this digital era is to use in-store digital signage to boost sales, promote products/services, and do good business. With the help of digital signage solutions, businesses can easily get their message conveyed to their targeted customers in an effective way and create a long-lasting impression on them.

The best thing about digital signs is that they are affordable and easy to operate compared to other traditional marketing methods. A digital signage system offers a variety of benefits to businesses. Therefore, it’s important for businesses to use this technology to their advantage. It can be used for various reasons like promotions, advertising, informing customers about store updates, and boosting sales and revenue for your store.

The following are some major advantages of having a top digital signage system for your business:

  1. Change Content Instantly

    With a cloud-based POS system, the content can be changed instantly, and you can showcase updated content at any time. The content gets updated across all stores straight away, which helps in maintaining consistency across all the stores, be it updating prices or content. The best thing about digital signage is that you can update content quickly and easily as and when required.

  2. Grab the Attention of Consumers

    When customers walk into any store or shop, the first thing they notice is a vibrant and animated digital screen mounted on the wall. About 75% of people have reported that digital signage helps brand recall more than any other type of static signage. By delivering an eye-pleasing and important video message through digital signage software, you can capture the attention of people.

  3. High Recall & Retention Rate

    The main objective of any business is to encourage customers to take action immediately and influence their purchasing decisions. Whether it’s placing an order, buying products, or carrying out some sort of action, it all leads to some purpose.

  4. Updates About Promotions & Sales

    Changing content instantly on a digital signage display makes it the most versatile option businesses can opt for. Businesses can update customers about the ongoing in-store promotions and deals. This will help them to attract customers’ attention and entice them to purchase from your store.

  5. The Power of Video

    The best thing about a video message is that it helps in amplifying your message in a distinct way, which is not possible with static advertising. With the help of an impactful video message, you can get your targeted message across to your audience in less time and in a more effective way, and the best digital signage system helps you do just that.

  6. Analytics

    The best thing about using digital signage is that it supports analytics. Some digital signage comes with software that gives insight to owners about the products that were most searched by customers. If a sale is not taking place, then the business owner should focus on reducing the product price. Moreover, they should focus on enhancing the perceived value. With the help of analytics, store owners can improve displays and business in the most effective way.

  7. Boost Revenue

    It is a proven fact that text, images, and videos have a major impact on customers’ buying decisions. Digital signage has the potential to offer a great customer experience, increasing the chances of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. By using digital signage, businesses can boost revenue by up to 30%. By using digital signage in the best possible way, businesses can get ahead of their competitors and their brand value will enlarge.

  8. Marketing Future

    Believe it or not, digital signage has a great marketing future. Market forces are making efforts to decrease prices since several businesses are using it. Therefore, it has become more easily accessible and easier to adopt compared to other marketing alternatives. The affordability factor, the freedom to update or change the content in a moment, and the freedom to create marketing campaigns and advertisements make digital signage the most preferred option among businesses.

  9. One Medium to Show All Forms of Content

    A digital signage system can be considered a one-size-fits-all solution as it lets you display text, movies, animations, social media, photographs, live news, alerts, and event updates. Several businesses are considering investing in advertisements, promotions, and so much more.

  10. Schedule Content

    One lesser-known fact about digital signage software is that it lets you schedule content as per your requirements. Just set and forget the content as it will get displayed as per set schedule. By scheduling your digital signage content in advance, you can save time, effort, and also simplify the whole process of updating your digital screens.