Convenience Store POS System by FTx Global

To unleash the potential of your convenience store and gain a competitive advantage, you should use, reliable convenience store point of sale systems. Ensure that you opt for a POS system designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your convenience store.

With the help of a modern convenience store POS system, you can track inventory, increase operational efficiency, know your customers, streamline the checkout process, track employee hours, offer contactless payment processing, and get real-time POS reports and analytics. When you use a convenience store point of sale system, then you can serve more customers, increase your sales, protect margin, and gain high profits.

With the help of an appropriate convenience store point of sale systems, you can streamline the routine operations of your convenience store with great case. Whether you are operating a small-sized or large-sized convenience store, it is essential to consider the best POS solution.

What is the need for POS software for convenience stores?

  • Run business operations error-free
  • Automate routine operations
  • Offer the best customer shopping experience
  • Increase customer retention rate
  • Good inventory control
  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Manage stocks and purchases as per market trends

What difference does POS software make in a convenience store?

  • Sell more with the superfast checkout process
  • Manage products with high visibility and in line with customer demands
  • Take timely and suitable business decisions with useful, actionable insights
  • Track employee performance remotely
  • Eliminate the chance of manual errors by using a digital solution
  • Maintain accuracy and enhance productivity

While the usefulness and benefits of the convenience store point of sale systems were just discussed, we will now learn about convenience store POS solutions. Here in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 convenience store POS systems and briefly describe each solution, along with its pros and cons.

  1. IT Retail

    With IT Retail software, convenience store owners can gain a better understanding of their store. It has been specifically designed by carefully analyzing the needs of a convenience store, and has useful features that serve the store’s needs. The POS system developed by IT Retail fulfills the requirements of convenience stores in the best way.
    This cloud-based software lets you view sales data, employee hours, and inventory levels, all on a real-time basis from a smartphone or PC.


    • Cloud-based software
    • Includes hardware: cash drawer, printer, scanner, EMV PIN pads, and display
    • Employee and inventory management
    • Cash management
    • Back-office reporting
    • Sell age-restricted items
    • Fight employee theft
    • Customer loyalty, gift cards, and discount programs
    • PCI compliant
    • Offline payments
    • Open platform


    • Cost increases when hardware is added
    • Cheap quality pin pads
    • Takes time to solve glitches

    It is a cloud-based POS software solution designed for convenience stores. The best thing about this software is that it offers you everything you require to run a convenience store of any size. Its prime focus lies in providing customer retention tools, which are comprised of customized promotions/discounts printed on receipts.


    • Time clock management with staff scheduling
    • Employee management with detailed shift reports
    • Returns/refunds offered as a store or cash credit
    • Customer data management
    • Discount management
    • Ecommerce integration
    • Theft prevention features
    • Automatic reorder levels
    • QuickBooks accounting integration
    • POS hardware integration
    • Multi-location scalability
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Affordable pricing


    • Limited integrations
    • No scheduling or payroll options
    • Limited inventory management features
    • Users often face problems with QuickBooks integration
    • No native online store functionality
  3. AccuPOS

    The USP (unique selling proposition) of this brand is that it can be paired seamlessly with accounting software, so it focuses on making it easy to export sales data. However, AccuPOS proves useful to convenience store owners as it allows them to upload sufficient inventory levels and provides user management and reporting features that you require to make informed business decisions. It uses cloud-based software, which is compatible with most POS hardware and Android and PC devices.


    • Multi-system integration
    • Get real-time updates
    • Simple user interface
    • Flexible reporting capabilities
    • Mobile POS compatibility
    • Automated accounting
    • Manage store remotely
    • Barcode scanning
    • Print receipts
    • Processing of credit cards
    • Manage refunds/returns
    • Customer loyalty, gift cards, and coupons
    • Customer history and sales commissions
    • Customizable GUI
    • 24/7 support
    • EMV and PCI compliant


    • Limited features
    • Not suitable for large convenience stores
    • Dealing with lots of windows
    • Integration with Mercury Payment System
  4. FTx POS

    This POS system is suitable for your convenience store operations. The best thing about this POS system is that it is user-friendly, touchscreen enabled, and cloud-based. Furthermore, it is fully automated, which makes the interface easy to understand and operate cashiers. It tracks transactions and detects employee malpractices and fraud attempts. You can customize POS solutions as per the need of your convenience store with FTx POS.


    • Intuitive user interface
    • Fully customizable interface
    • Tracks, records, and analyzes transactions
    • Faster and accurate checkouts
    • Create custom panels and buttons
    • Permission-based layouts
    • Promote upsells with customer-facing display
    • Digital signage integration
    • Customizable, automated, cloud-based POS system


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  5.  POS Nation

    One of the most recognized convenience store POS software, it is filled with several useful features that makes it one of the best POS software for convenience stores. It offers age verification tools, useful inventory functions, and employee management features. Its low-cost delivery and dedicated customer support give a convenience store all the resources required to start making sales right away. One can master the success of this POS through its useful features, like speedy checkout, the ability to simplify inventory management, and easy access to detailed reports required by convenience stores.


    • 24/7 support
    • Barcode scanning
    • Loyalty program support
    • Sales tracking
    • Pricing management
    • Scans ID for age verification
    • Training videos
    • Multiple payment options
    • Inventory control
    • Employee management
    • Customer management
    • Intuitive interface
    • Multi-location support
    • Sales reports and analysis
    • Highly customizable
    • Robust system
    • Includes hardware
    • Customer tracking and history
    • Track customer loyalty
    • Accept coupons
    • Generate and receive purchase orders


    • No intuitive menus
    • Includes cheap keyboards
    • Doesn’t provide the best technical support
    • 24/7 technical support costs
    • Requires Worldpay processing agreement


It can be said that POS software for convenience stores holds great benefits for convenience stores. It plays a crucial role in lowering business costs, increasing productivity, and boosting your bottom line. This will help you reap maximum benefits by opting for a POS system suitable for your convenience store.