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best retail software for cigar shops
Cigar & Vape Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

Best Retail Software for Cigar Shops

FTx Global (FTx Digital Signage, Tobacco Industry)

One of the most important challenges you face when designing the décor of your cigar shop is creating a space that is both engaging and upscale, especially if your location includes a cigar lounge. Using the right digital signage can transform your cigar shop and smokers’ lounge into an interesting, engaging, and subtly informative experience. This article will show you how.

In the last decade, customer-facing technology has greatly transformed the marketing sector from a landscape of static, printed images into a dynamic experience that stimulates and influences customers to shop like never before. With digital signage, cigar shop retailers can customize the content that’s delivered to each and every screen in their stores. Providing carefully curated reinforcement of your branding, products, and even events with strategically placed digital signage is a cost-effective way to communicate, inform, and educate your customers while they shop and also while they enjoy a cigar in your lounge.

Digital signage captures 400% more views than static signs

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because of an effective storefront or window display sign. Taking into account the fact that digital screens attract 400% more views than static ones, investing in digital signage for your store is imperative if you want to stay competitive.

Why should a cigar shop use digital signage? Digital screens allow any business to easily showcase their products and any product-related content they choose, which helps them to stand out and engage with more customers. Consider digital signage to be your store’s branded banner to the world. It’s the most flexible option on the market today. Not only can you choose the size and dimensions of your screen, but you can also update, rotate, and otherwise change the content you display as frequently as you want. Unlike static signs that must be printed and replaced, there are no additional costs to using digital signage when you design and create the cigar content you display.

Having total control over your marketing, advertisements, and campaigns is what makes using digital signage the top choice for your cigar shop.

75% of customers have told someone about a store simply based on its signage

What do consumers want from digital signage advertising? It should come as no surprise that customers tend to interact more with digital signage than older, static, printed signs. But research has also found that consumers want the digital signage they look at to be personalized. Specifically, they would like to see advertisements that are relevant to their activities, interests, hobbies, and values.

Digital signage software can be integrated into your cigar shop’s inventory and shoppers’ CRM profiles to create the ultimate personal shopping experience. Your customers can benefit from the advanced product suggestions that are based on their previous purchases, online wish lists, and any other customer profile-related data. What better way to cater to your customers and give them something to talk about?

20% of customers have made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product promoted on a digital display

Lifestyle marketing is one of the top buzzwords in marketing today. Lifestyle marketing is all about influencing customer buying by showing that you understand what your customers truly value. Although you might be struggling to try to find the best approach to reaching and connecting with your cigar-loving customers, digital signage has become an effective channel. Through the power of digital signage, you can showcase your cigars, interact with customers, and show customers how your cigar brand fits into their lifestyle and lives.

When it comes to digital signage in cigar shops, customers don’t just glance, they engage. At FasTrax, we help deliver the right message to enhance your brand without overwhelming your shoppers. You want your customers to be influenced, and with our digital signage solutions, you will be empowered to use a soft touch to convey a strong message, one which will translate into improving customer relations and increasing revenue.

FasTrax Digital Signage

  • Automatically update signage prices directly from your POS system
  • Manage displays from your home or office PC, or anywhere on a tablet or smartphone
  • No more expensive and time-consuming printing of promotional materials
  • FDA health warnings for Tobacco Products built right into the design software to keep you in full compliance with state and federal laws no matter how often you change your digital signage promotions


With FasTrax Digital Signage, we offer design training, or you could select a pre-made campaign from our template database of over 1,000 designs! Our free proprietary design software, AdPro, makes it easy for the user to edit templates, design original displays, and make changes. You can even schedule promotions and advertisements weeks, months, or even years in advance. Simply design, save, schedule, and forget about it!

See how FasTrax can improve the décor of your cigar shop and make your store stand out in the cigar industry. Our specialists are ready and able to demonstrate how FasTrax Digital Signage can transform your cigar shop into an interactive shopping experience that engages customers and interests them in coming back time and again.

Discover all the services that FTx Global offers and how our technologies can revolutionize your cigar shop business.