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Best Inventory Software for Beer Distributors
Retail & eCommerce Warehouse Management by FTx Global

Best Inventory Software for Beer Distributors

FTx Global (FasTrax Warehouse, Alcohol Industry)

At a basic level, managing your beer distribution operations can either be effective or insufficient. Effective distribution management will result in business growth, but becoming effective might be trickier than it sounds. Ask yourself, are any of the following common pitfalls familiar?

  • Your retail inventory management software or IMS, is restricted to multiple data points rather than a single source of inventory information. You can’t even answer a customer’s question or set accurate reorder points as you can’t see the big inventory picture on a single screen.
  • Your warehouse management software, or WMS, is a contributing enabler of your warehouse workers taking too long to pack inventory, pick inventory, and put away inventory.
  • You have not streamlined your warehouse layout which has resulted in delayed customer deliveries and increased labor costs because workers are scrambling to fulfill orders.
  • Your transportation management system, or TMS, is either literally or essentially non-existent. This has resulted in your inability to access real-time information about carrier rates or choose the most optimal trucking route to lower shipping costs without delaying orders and deliverables.
  • Your WMS and TMS have never been integrated or if they have the end result is piecemeal nonsense that you rarely look at.

FTx Warehouse Management System Software

If you answered “yes” to even one of these pitfalls, then your entire warehouse management is subprime. When it comes to retail warehouse inventory management and the workflow of your entire beer distribution facility, you probably already know that one weak link can compromise the entire chain. If you answered “yes” to all of those pitfalls, then you have a serious problem on your hands, one which could cost you big bucks.

An excellent distribution management strategy generates value across the beer distributor’s entire supply chain. It empowers you to monitor your distribution efforts. You should gather data about how well your beer brands are moving from warehouse to the retailers, who are your customers, you can leverage and take action on this data. Most importantly, when effective retail inventory management software is in place at your distribution center, you will easily spot operational bottlenecks, identify weak workflows, and be able to easily improve inefficient processes that slow your workers down and drain your finances.

What is the fastest way to eliminate those problems and get on the fast track to success? You need to implement warehouse inventory software at your facility that exercises an empowering distribution management strategy. View the entirety of your beer distribution business, no matter how many warehouse locations you have, at the click of a button and on a single screen.

Select the best warehouse inventory software which is designed by taking into consideration warehousing and distribution center. It should provide specific, measurable, and immediate benefits to your business. The software should also provide the following shortcuts:

  • Successfully fulfill customer orders
  • Deliver customer value consistently
  • Quickly adapt to market changes
  • Quickly respond to potential disruptions
  • Boost the bottom line

FasTrax Warehouse gives you complete control over your beer inventory, no matter how many warehouse locations you have. Price lists should be assigned to customers and customer account groups for faster accounting. Daily inventory snapshots allows you to run reports on your own schedule. And using our proprietary software allows you to view on-hand item quantities at a glance.

FasTrax Warehouse can also:

  • Assign price lists to account groups that easily correlate with customer accounts
  • Our Price Lists software supports tax and margin percentage pricing to help you clearly assess your bottom line. You can add and discount base prices by percentage or dollar, you remain in control
  • Location-picking features come with up to 10 location levels for items. Our pick sheets and handheld wireless devices allow your staff to quickly pick orders and eliminate unnecessary trips to the warehouse floor
  • Our software solution comes with EDI support so that you’re never alone navigating the collection and routing of electronic transactions

Let FasTrax Warehouse handle the heavy lifting of your inventory management! Click here to discover how FasTrax Warehouse can accurately track your beer inventory and automate your daily distribution warehouse operations.

Learn more about FTx Global and what our services can do for you by visiting our website.