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Top 7 Must-Haves for a Liquor Store POS System
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7 Integral Features A Liquor Store POS System Should Have

Liquor stores need a point of sale system to function seamlessly; it’s a fact that everyone knows. However, not everybody knows the essential things a complete liquor store POS system must have. A complete liquor store POS system has the ability to manage inventory, orders, customer experience, employees, pricing on digital signage, billings, payments, and many more aspects of liquor store businesses. To help liquor store owners who are confused about what to look for in a POS system for a liquor store, FTx Global has curated a lot of the top 7 must-haves.


Top 7 Must-Haves for a Liquor Store POS System


  1. The Ability to Track Inventory Flawless and Manage the Entire Supply Chain

    Tracking inventory efficiently solves half of the problems for a liquor store. There are several brands with several products, as well as different editions. Thus, it becomes difficult to track the journey of each product and its availability. Moreover, online liquor sales have become quite confusing in consolidating online sales with offline sales. You need a system that can help you centralize your inventory and manage the in-store inventory of multiple stores. And that’s what you should look into as a liquor store point of sale system in modern times. A modern liquor POS system will help you manage your entire supply chain right from when a product is unloaded in the warehouse (in the case of large stores that keep a warehouse) to when the liquor is sold.

  2. The Capability to Sell Products by Pack, Case, or Single Items

    The liquor store POS system should have the functionality to allow users to enter packs and cases into the system to record the sales of cases or packs instantly without having to put in the numbers of each particular product. The system should provide you with the different measurement units to accurately report inventory sales.

  3. Global Liquor Product Catalog

    A modern liquor POS should have a catalog of products sold nationally and internationally to help you with product tracking quickly. In cases where you’ve just opened a liquor store or are shifting from a legacy register to an advanced liquor store register, you have to have the products already listed in the system to start the sale and product tracking smoothly. You don’t have to manually enter the names of products and waste time setting up the liquor POS system to accurately track each product.

  4. Tracking Profit Goals with Effective Cost and Profit Management

    To have a profitable liquor store business, you need to track your costs and profits according to the goals you have set. Managing inventory costs to help calculate the gains or maintain the minimum sales profits across stores to reach the goal. Irregularities in the cost of goods sold data can drastically impact the operations and spread confusion across your liquor stores. A liquor POS system that reports the correct weighted average cost, thus helping you to calculate an exact profit margin. FTx Global’s cloud-based liquor POS system has an integrated warehouse and supply chain management system that gives retailers the ability to manage costs and profits effectively.

  5. The Ability to Assist You in Managing Employee Access Based on Roles

    A liquor store functions with the help of multiple employees who have different job roles, and according to their job roles, they might require only a part or a tool of a liquor point of sale system. Software for liquor stores should have the tools to manage sales and guard your business’s sensitive information. You can control the access you want to give an employee. This way, an employee will have just the right level of access to do their job effectively. Moreover, you can have multiple role-based login IDs and passwords for employees to track their activity and manage commissions.

  6. Age and ID Verification to Stay Compliant with the State’s Regulations

    There are strict rules against selling age-restricted products to minors. The punishment ranges from a fine to even getting the liquor license cancelled. It’s super hard to follow the regulations with a standard cash register or a liquor point of sale system that doesn’t have advanced age verification software. As a liquor store owner, you need to ensure that your POS system provider has the integration of age and ID verification software. This makes your life super easy and will save you from getting into trouble.

    The liquor store POS system powered by FTx Global has extremely efficient age verification software that even allows store owners to verify their customers digitally, so the customers won’t have to produce an ID physically after registering with the software. It’s a refreshing experience that you can provide if you choose a liquor POS system that has age verification software integrated with it. Furthermore, FTx Global’s liquor point of sale system comes with built-in regulation guidelines according to the state you are selling in.

  7. Efficient Loyalty Program and Promotions Software

    This one is really important. Regardless of their industry, all businesses should have loyalty programs. Loyalty programs help increase customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. You can increase your customer base by offering compelling referral programs that reward existing customers for introducing new ones. You can build an exclusive group of customers for your liquor store by implementing loyalty rewards and customer-focused discounts.

    Additionally, you can email birthday wishes to your customers and plan holiday- or birthday-specific discounts for them. All of this and much more are possible from a single screen, but only if you choose software that includes integrated loyalty programs. If you have successfully implemented the loyalty programs, your liquor store might become the talk of the town.


It’s important to realize that you need to have the best tools at hand if you want to succeed in the present competitive environment. However, effective tools use requires both knowledge and practice. A full liquor store POS system powered by FTx Global comes with user-friendly tools and 24/7 tech support. Select a liquor store solutions provider that is knowledgeable about your industry and can offer solutions to your issues.