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Best Tobacco Store POS Systems
Tobacco - Enterprise POS Suite by FTx Global

3 Features to Look for in a Tobacco Store POS to Boost Revenue

Point of sale systems are a necessary investment for any business. However, they’re not all alike. Therefore, choosing the right one will depend on your industry and how you plan to use it. Tobacco retailers like you who want to boost revenue need to ensure that whatever system you choose has the ability to offer flexibility to integrate required apps, has the scan data loyalty management functionality, customer personalization, continuous tech support, glitch-free, easy-to-use user interface, and affordable rates.


Here are the three essential features an ideal tobacco POS system must have:


  1. Pricing & Integrated Loyalty Programs

    Your tobacco point of sale system can be a powerful tool that can do the hard work for you. A good tobacco store POS will ensure that your customers get the best price while streamlining back-end accounting. Choose tobacco POS solutions with integrated features like loyalty programs to receive rebates or discounts on items throughout the year. Loyalty programs with this advanced technology are key components when looking at how successful any business can be during these tough economic times. They provide rebates and discounts as well, making it easier than ever before for their financial success.

    In-store promotions are a great way to boost your store’s traffic and revenue. In addition, you can offer electronic coupons tied into the POS system that will be customized based on customers’ past purchases or preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction while increasing loyalty for repeat visits. With an intuitive point of sale system with rebates, it’s easy enough to reward shoppers who shop frequently; all this contributes towards making sure every penny spent goes towards growth.

  2. Tobacco Store POS with Multiple App Integration Support

    When selecting a tobacco point of sale software, the capacity to enable numerous app integrations is a requirement. The use of apps can significantly improve the customer experience. They enable a speedy, secure checkout and offer essential functions like age verification to keep your customers coming back. Superior convenience is also provided through marketing or loyalty applications, not just in-store but also online via mobile site interfaces.

    Inventory management apps will empower you to order and sell in various unit bundles, such as packs or cartons. With this multi-functional tobacco POS software inventory management integration, there’s also a quick way to track cigars by name with custom codes so they can be taxed accordingly. This helps small shops stay successful over time because it makes things easier when managing inventory quantities on hand at any given moment—and not just through barcodes, which were often used before these newer technologies came along.

    When you’re looking for the best POS provider, it’s essential that the system can grow with your store. Look out for applications with multi-store capabilities and access to detailed reporting on every tobacco store location. These tools will allow you to see how different strategies perform in comparison, so we know what processes need improvement or expansion over time. Also, tobacco POS with eCommerce app integrations can help you grow.

    A complete tobacco store point of sale can monitor all aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface. You can conveniently view real-time data on sales and product tracking across the entire retail cycle with a comprehensive tobacco store POS system that is designed for tobacco retailers like yourself! An advanced POS system offers powerful apps that help you centralize your data at any given time to make managing your business a super easy task.

    Moreover, POS software for tobacco stores that allows data centralization helps maintain constant contact between employees. It is even more crucial now than ever because anything can happen during business hours. Something might come up suddenly requiring immediate attention, or maybe there’s some new information about how customers want products stocked.

  3. Scan Data Loyalty Management and Support to Understand and Follow the Guidelines of Product Manufacturers

    f you want the best possible pricing, your tobacco point of sale system must have support from industry giants like Altria and RJ Reynolds. Their in-system support targets a variety of features that will help smoke shops feel confident they’re not behind on trends anymore. These manufacturers roll out several scan data programs to compensate the tobacco retailers in return for customer data like their purchase behaviors, price sensitivity, and other information. With this compensation, retailers can introduce special discounts. Also, manufacturers offer buydowns to tobacco retailers to help them boost their sales and increase profits.

    An adept tobacco store POS provider understands how important it is for a tobacco shop retailer to have a scan data management functionality in their tobacco POS system so that they don’t have to hire a third party to manage the scan data loyalty and give them a commission for that. A tobacco store point of sale can save money and help a retailer earn more through scan data incentives. Thus, scan data management is the most crucial feature of point of sale software for a tobacco store, and one should not settle for anything less.

    There are very few providers out there who offer this integrated feature. FTx Global is one of those rare providers that offers scan data management functionality. The days of feeling inferior to larger chains are gone when you have the proper support. With unparalleled support for your tobacco POS system, small businesses can be confident in their future success no matter how big or small it is.


Your tobacco shop’s success depends on a sound, automated, and complete tobacco point of sale (POS) system. When you invest in technology that will help streamline your business and enhance the customer experience while taking care of tedious tasks like inventory management or monthly billing, it allows you to focus on other aspects necessary for retailers, such as marketing strategies with integrated analytics software reporting in real-time, so decisions can be made more efficiently than ever before. With clients like Smokers Choice, one of the largest tobacco chains in the United States, FTx Global is a seasoned tobacco POS provider that has continuously evolved and revolutionized tobacco retail businesses with its groundbreaking POS technologies.